Mercedes ML280, 2007 RHD for sale

I am going to travel across France in summer and I would like to sell my Mercedes. The car is in great condition. Please email me if you are interested

Can you post further details and photos please?

I tried to add more photos but it wouldn’t allow me. Is this the best way to advertise this car, I am planning to bring this car in the summer, provided Corona Virus disappears by then, and I would like to sell it in France, is it easy to do, any paperwork I need to prepare?

If you are thinking of selling something on the forum… or anywhere else for that matter…

It would surely be usual to give full specifications of the vehicle for sale…
How long you have owned the car
Its mechanical and service history …
and its price

Give this site a try Mr Small

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I 'd like more details of the car he is selling… :relaxed:

and perhaps where he is selling it from… France is a bloody big place!

Hi Stella, it’s a 2007 ML280, It’s got 100K miles, Diesel, automatic, I am abroad with it just now in North Africa, Planning to drive back with it to the UK and driving through France, so if anyone is interested I can give full details. The car is great It has new break pads. Fully serviced and well looked after. Reason for sale is because I need to buy a left hand drive car.

Thanks Dan

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How long have you owned it ??
when was the MOT done and were there any advisories?

Although French s/h car prices are much higher than in the UK, I’d have thought you’d get a much better price for a RHD Merc in the UK, particularly if (as in the photo) it’s still on UK plates.

Although some of us still do prefer RHD cars … even in France… :upside_down_face:

Why? Are you interested in buying it? Would have thought it’s a bit big for you?!!

I know folk who are looking… and yes, you are right … it is much too big for me.

Maybe DM Nacer then and ask for more information?


Pourquoi ? Unless you’re worried about hitting the kerb :wink:

that is an idea… I certainly have no wish to bandy emails with folk I don’t know.

the only cars where sales info is usually so scant… are those supercars which one can’t afford anyway… :smile: :smile: