Message from a "tired broken-hearted vet"

This is so sad. I’ve been with 3 furry babies when they were put to sleep. I soothed and comforted them in their last minutes. It was desperately sad and broke my heart but would never have left them alone.

Sorry, don’t want to upset anyone.

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Wouldn’t dream of leaving them, last was a couple of ‘Boxing Days’ ago, ‘Skye’, my Portugese pal of quite a few years :heart:


I’m amazed and a bit disturbed that so many people don’t stay with their pets in their final moments.


Just too much for some folk Mandy, I couldn’t do it. When I was in Portugal, I held a, to me, totally unknown poor, very sick stray dog, while the guy with the needle did the biz, it’s pretty emotional though!


the hardest thing in the world.


Well holding Mam and Dads hands as they ‘slipped off’ was quite tough too.


Did not have the choice to be there.
Thanks to the NHS.

That’s sad Barbara :heart:

The NHS made big mistakes ….
Hard to forget.

Our dog hates going into the vets’ surgery, so it worries me that he may have to end his days there. Even if we were both with him he would be unhappy. With a previous surgery hating pet in the UK the vet came to our house to put him down - I wonder whether they would do the same here?


Sure ours would if asked Jane, probably depends on the individual vet though!

I have heared that they do sometimes.

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I’ve been with all my furry four legs as they crossed over to the next realm… except one…

If it was in my power to choose how they leave then it would be at home in their own time and in my arms…that happened once…she was weary…I knew she was leaving…and she passed away whilst we were watching the sun go down in her favourite spot on the back porch…:heart:

Others I have had the vet come to the house to save the stress of moving them…

The one that haunts me to this day…and I’m in tears writing this…is the one time I doubted my own intuition and abilities and took her in to the vet where they kept her overnight…I’ll never forget her little face as she was handled roughly…and I’ll never forget her little face as I left her telling her I’d be back first thing in the morning…

As soon as the vets were open the next day I called to ask how she was…she’d died alone overnight…I thought I’d never ever forgive myself…Her whole life and all the fun and all the friendship we’d shared over many years suddenly chrystalised into a single moment of intense and excruciating and extreme pain in my heart and I felt so badly that I’d let her down…I tortured myself with what might have happened if I’d gave her a bit longer and not taken her in…would she still be here…???

It was months and months before I could think about her without crying…and I’m in tears now…:cry:


I would think so Jane…maybe the additional call out charges but worth every penny not to put them through the stress of moving them…and especially with a dog (or cat) that has always hated being in a vets surgery (and or the car) …I don’t know for definite but I feel certain that they must do call outs to home like in uk…???

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Oh Helen. That’s very sad.

I wish I could offer some words to comfort you but I know that’s not really possible. I guess you just have to remember that she had a wonderful life with you and try to cherish those memories instead of dwelling on the end. You couldn’t possibly have known what was going to happen.

Poor baby, may she rest in peace.

I send you a virtual hug. :hugs::broken_heart:


Might be worth asking them now Jane before the time comes. If not then maybe you can search for another vet that will come out.


@Mandy_Davies. Oh I couldn’t do that! It would seem like some kind of mauvaise foi…

So sad…

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Well, we all see things differently… but, as you had such a bad/sad experience… I reckon it is no bad thing to discuss with your Vet, what happened and what you would like to happen when the time comes…

Any caring Vet would surely understand and want to put your mind at rest … re future events…



Thanks Mandy…(((((( Hugs )))))) felt and appreciated and returned tenfold…:heart:

It took a while…I can look at her photos now and smile and remember the moment and laugh at the memories of her particular quirks but I’ll never be certain that I did the right thing by her…the “what if” I had given her a bit longer before taking the decision out of her own paws…the “what if” she was perfectly capable of overcoming whatever it was and healing herself had I not panicked against my own better judgement…???

Her scans were all normal…x :slightly_frowning_face: