Met criticised over Clapham vigil policing

The presumption is that they’re more cynical about their own sex (obviously we don’t know what happens in the jury room).

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Had to link this amazing article by a serving police officer…

When questions are asked about David Carrick and about Sarah Everard’s killer, and the many many other offenders who either never reach the national news or just get away with it, I don’t see a pattern of cover-up and deceit that many outside the service perceive – instead, I see a level of unprofessionalism and incompetence that’s normal for all victims. That’s the scandal.

I was involved in a rape investigation in which a female senior investigating officer directed me to pursue a line of inquiry solely intended to undermine the victim’s first account so that we could close down the investigation before command had to divert significant resources to it.

That was on Wednesday 17 January 2023; the day after the news of Carrick and his scores of crimes against women broke. And nobody batted an eyelid.

I’m about to retire after decades in the force, and I’ve tried my best. I really have. I hope I made a difference for a few people, in spite of the broken system I work within. I know there are good people working here still and the culture is changing, but it is happening at a glacial pace. Best of luck to the next generation, I hope to God they do better than us.

not to mention the male police officer who pursued a rape victim he was supposed to be helping. For over a year, this officer hounded the victim for sex even though she was allocated a “safe” place in a women’s refuge…
sick bastards!

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I would have thought that if it was the Defence wanting more women jurors it was because they would be more likely to take the woman’s part.


Anecdotal evidence

“There’s anecdotal evidence that women tend to be harder on other women but I really don’t think so,” another senior counsel said. “Gender wouldn’t be a major factor. Age would be more likely to play a role [in juror selection].”

According to a Rape and Justice in Ireland study, “a woman with traditional attitudes as to sex roles is likely to be more hostile to a rape complaint than a man with more egalitarian values. Accordingly, there is little evidence that simply increasing the number of women on rape juries would improve the conviction rate.”

Weighing in attorney gender bias…

“When we train women to negotiate, we do so in the gender culture in which she typically finds herself. We do not ask her to be more “male” or more “female.” We ask only that she develop the confidence to ask for what she wants with authenticity and sincerity.”