Might have cocked up

Afternoon all

Have got a new lawn mower Huskvana with a Briggs and Stratton engine.

It has E85 on the petrol cap

I bought some E85 petrol, but as I was about to fill it up I noticed that there appears to be do not used symbol under the E85.

Totally and utterly confused, can anybody help



Is there an instruction book?

photo of the cap and offending symbol?

Could you send a photo? E85 is usually fine for mowers.
And you could always read the manual :wink:

Jane, men don’t look at instruction manuals !!!

Have looked but it is using American references so not sure



Then do you have an interfering partner (like me) who smugly reads it and tells you what you doing wrong?

Is it this one?

Specification for HUSQVARNA R153SV 21" / 53cm Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Briggs & Stratton Petrol
Engine Make Briggs & Stratton
FUEL TYPE Petrol (unleaded)

a handy reference concerning E85 in the States.

And here’s the B&S advice on the subject

Looks like might get away with if engine run only short period on a hot summer day like today, even better if at altitude, and fuel drained and replaced and run engine at least 2min or so when discovered

Bloody hell guys

If you need advice on double entry booking, or residual asset values, I am your man.

Anything involving engines, petrol, and lubricants and my mind fogs over.

The petrol caps photo is below

So unless I am living on top of a mountain in a heat wave, it is not a good idea to use E85 and just need ordinary unleaded petrol ?

Jane - you’re not Heather in disguise are you ?

Love to all


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Love this site XX

think it indicates to use E85, the casting is of a fuel pump and delivery hose…
on the other hand… it might just mean leaded gas and not E85 :thinking:
perhaps add some of the stuff you can get for old cars…

AFAIK, all B&S engines run on unleaded/E85 fuel these days

I agree the casting is of a fuel pump and delivery hose. But I would interpret that as DON’T use E85. So it is a crap bit of signage!!

Our mower has a Briggs and Stratton engine and we use normal petrol, as I have for all the Briggs and Stratton powered mowers I’ve had for the last 40 plus years. But this one it is very old. So no idea whether the new things have changed.

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As would I, my new Alpina has that and it says no E85 in the manual.

Dump out the E85 and run it on SP95.

Never use E85 or SP95 E10 in small engines,

Well that’s ambiguous, isn’t it?

One of my pet hates is the use of icons that obfuscate rather than clarify.

I offer laundry labels for clothing as exhibit 2…

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Never had any problems with mowers, strimmers or chainsaws running SP95 E10, used in all of them since it came out.

I just use petrol!