Migrants to use Ferry to cross the channel - proposition

France would offer them asylum, they don’t want it. Of course they should come by ferry but after their claim has been assessed. Need to set up a proper centre with all facilities, advisors, immigration lawyers etc. Don’t know what would happen if their claim was unsuccessful though.

They’re not asking for asylum in France! Asylum has to be requested - it cannot be legally imposed on people - for very obvious reasons!


France could offer asylum whether it was requested or not.

You have to wonder though why Eritreans or Afghans (for example) want to come to the UK when the biggest European populations are in Germany.

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It’s not a problem for them to go to the UK. The problem is that by not offering them a proper route, the UK is putting them in danger. France should take an ethical stand and provide a safe crossing.


You could say that about Greece and Italy though.

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I already suggested this days ago Two birds with one stone though with the more sophisticated twist of letting them walk across the border into UK unchallenged. It is not France’s job to stop people leaving the EU.


I do find it rather extraordinary that people who have chosen to move to another country for relatively frivolous reasons should begrudge other people’s moving, for serious reasons, to the country they (the first lot) have ceased to live in. Why shouldn’t these wretched people be allowed to do what many of you have done.


Who’s saying they shouldn’t?

You, I thought. Was it not you who said they shouldn’t be going to the UK? Sorry, if I have got the wrong end of the stick.

Tim, once again :roll_eyes: There is a difference between people trying to enter the EU, and people trying to leave. Geddit? The EU has a duty to protect its borders, it has no duty whatsoever to protect the UK’s borders. Anybody who wants to leave the EU is free to do so.

They do not want asylum in France, many of them have family in the UK.

It might be because the UK ran away in Afghanistan leaving many who had supported the UK to a dreadful fate, and Shitty Patel and her Home Office have made zero, as in zero, progress on their relocation programme they proudly announced at the time.


So it’s okay for Greece and Italy to allow migrants crossing the Med to drown because the EU is protecting the borders?

The migrants in Calais are in the EU illegally, or does that not matter because they are trying to get to the UK?


That’s it, full stop Tim. And they have the right to leave the EU as and how they wish.

But is not like offering them a bag of sweets, a country does not simply offer unconditional asylum to people who have not even applied for it and may not be eligible. The first step is to accept their application (impossible if they have not made one), which then has to be considered carefully before reaching a decision on whether or not they are eligible, which takes several months, and providing them with accommodation and a living allowance while the application is processed,

Columbia does:

Tim, as I’ve suggested before, why not start your own topic instead of sniping at other’s?

How about “Are Greece and Italy’s immigration policies impacting the Calais crises?”

Then we can all discuss it and not end up muddying the water on the appalling behaviour of Johnson and Shitty.

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If I take the tunnel back to the UK before I even cross the channel I’m already there because the UK border force has a checkpoint on French soil. Why can’t France allow the UK to setup an asylum processing centre in Calais in the same way?

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Too much “marching powder”?.

It is one possibility that is being looked at.

The current situation in Calais is just one part of the EU migrant crisis John, do we really need a separate thread for each EU border flashpoint (France, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Greece etc)?

Herding people from across northern France onto a ferry and dumping them in the UK will not solve the problem.

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Tim, the opposite is going to happen, and the sooner the better. The UK border which the Brexiteers so wanted to take control of should be in the UK - I would have thought that’s obvious. In hindsight and in the light of Brexit the Le Touquet agreement was a mistake and should be abandoned now.