Having cut a bag full of mint ,in the hope of making some mint sauce Does anybody have any recipes tried and tested refuse to pay 4.00 euro a jar

The little goosgogs I bought were pinky red....but very small...I am looking for big hairy thugs of will get the plants from the UK..the two I bought this year are doing fine...but it will be ages before I get a decent size, fruit producing bush...

Jardiland sell a few varieties of Gooseberry plants, I bought some from Lidl, last year and I have got probably a punnets worth this year, but they are doing very well. They are the red ones, but I picked them just before they turned and they had more bite to them.

no I do not think that the French like gooseberries Carol.

The little red ones were nice.

Where is your Grnd Frais Carol.

We use a variety of french beans called "The Prince". They say that they are heavy cropping and they do what they say on the packet.

I know...but due to lack of green ones..thought if I cooked themwith a little sugar and lemon juice...they may do as a fish sauce...but no bite to them at all....dont the French grow or sell gooseberries?

Our soil does not like many things.

Raspberries are a dissaster this year.

RUNNER beans are not happening.

Those little red gooseberries are eaters.

I love levellers the big green ones

again....available in the can order them on line...and get a friend to deliver them for you...if you put Loganberrys into Google you get a load of suppliers come up...


but they seem to be history

We have them growing in our soft fruit part of our orchard, but they are very young plants.

Having said that, how about loganberries, they are going mad this year!

I know...bought 2 gooseberry bushes in the UK at Poundland last time I was there....cost more than a pound...but not much and they have taken off big time..intend buying another couple next year....for some reason I can only buy tiny cartons 125grams at Grande Frais as well....paid 3 euros for them like you....they are the pink ones...cooked them yesterday to freeze as I use as a sauce for mackerel.....and they dont taste as robust as the large green ones...quite disappointed :-(

Carol they seem to be gold dust.

I bought a tiny box at Grand frais for 3 EUROS.
Please let me know if you know of anyone around who grows them.

Well Carol that would be nice....


But with all the cooking and cleaning we do it will need to be on hold

Sept or Oct.

Thanks Carol, I'll give it a try.

Therese this is one recipe...but if you go into Google...whenever you are looking for a recipe...there are millions...Ive recently made Elderflower liqueur and Cherry liqueur...getting the apricots tomorrow for more and looking for some gooseberrys for yet another....every time i think of a more outlandish liqueur I look on Google and sure enough..there is a recipe....Incidentally...the Elderflower Liqueur is fantastic!

Many years ago I was offered a homemade mint liqueur which was delicious, but my French wasn't at the level it is now so I never asked how it was made.

Does anyone know how to make this?

That sounds good too Barbara, but I can't tolerate citrus, so will have to pass on that one.

yum...all round to Barbara's for dinner!

That is certainly something I will say.....sounds like the summer dishes which I serve.

I make a melon soup with parisian of water melon and flavoured with a little Monbazilliac, fresh orange, lime and a touch of honey.

I made a melon sorbet with mint and red chilli. I served it with melon and bayonne ham.