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Having previously posted about this problem still confused.
Whilst I appreciate the postal service is under intense pressure I am still having letter post and some parcel not arrive from the UK?
I have had some items sent from a firm I regularly delivered no problem but they get some with the same address and postcode returned. As does a parts supplier, they sent one item which arrived in four days and then the second one with the same address was sent back to them.

I am putting our hamlet name, the nearest local town, then the postcode, the the area of France. But still hit and miss. We have no street names or house numbers.

When I enquired at the post office they said as long as I had my name, hamlet nearest village, post code and area all should be fine.

I assume that what you mean is that there is no sign board by which the street can be identified. But it seems very unlikely that you actually live in a street with no name. Have you asked at the mairie what the street is called?
It is possible that your post is being returned because the address appears to be incomplete.
Another possibility is that a handwritten seven in your postcode could be mistaken for one if not crossed in the French way.

Like you we have only a lieu-dit, no street, no number, like all the other hamlets in the commune. The address is Name, Lieu-dit, Postcode, Commune, Region (optional), Country.

It’s best to use the correct lieu-dit, which might not be the hamlet/village you are nearest to. The list is official and available and is used by la Poste, Orange for example to locate telegraph poles that are down, it is also on GPS systems.

Non-regular delivery drivers don’t know the area so usually ring in advance. Or, frustratingly, they give up and take the item away as they’re usually pressed for time. Amazon deliveries work well as they have the phone number. In country areas la Poste gets to know everyone by name. Over the years we have received mail with the wrong address, wrong spelling, just because they know the name. It does help if the postcode is correct!


Could it be this one :wink::crazy_face:

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