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Good morning everyone. I will apologise from the onset, (tin hat in situ) if I’m touching on a subject that makes everyone switch off !!
Keeping uk mobile number. When to cancel mobile provider (currently Sky). Wifi and broadband at rental property when I move in end of this month. Googled everything but so much conflicting info, difficulty understanding the jargon and non the wiser…

There are a number of problems in my view keeping your UK mobile number (not least of which the ultimate effects of Brexit).
Firstly French people will tend not to phone a UK mobile because it will cost them money.
Secondly, on the same basis, if you phone them it will cost them money.
Much easier to get a French SIM.
If you have a mobile phone which can tale 2 SIMS then maybe keep the UK one for phoning the UK but as an alternative there is always the possibility of using Whatsapp for friends and family in the UK which will work either on your phone or WiFi in your rental cottage.
This thread will give you further ideas.

I kept my uk mobile phone and phone number on a uk network and still have it 3 and a half years later…£10 every 3 months…

I was without a landline and internet for a month or so when I first arrived so it was my one and only method of contact with my family back in uk…

Then I signed up with Orange for landline and internet (39.99€ per month) and they gave me a French mobile for free French mobile to French mobile texts and calls…I’ve never used it except a couple of times when ordering something online and they asked for a French contact number…

Once I was connected to Orange then all my landline calls to and from my mom in uk are free (or rather all inclusive…) and I use watsapp to call and message my kids and my sister in Canada…

When our commune was hit by a tempeste and we had no electricity or internet for several days then it was my uk mobile on uk network that kept me on the internet and kept me in touch with my family…just had to charge my mobile in the car…:grinning:

There are no doubt cheaper alternatives but for now I’m still happy with Orange and my uk mobile…

Edited to add that I wouldn’t rush to cancel your uk mobile provider until you are certain of your connection here…x

I still have my pay as you go UK mobile, partly because I have a hands free system fitted in the car for it and last year I signed up for a French mobile with Orange as I cancelled my landline as I hardly ever used it

Dear Helen

I am was wondering about to keep paying UK mobile company (sky). Did you tell your UK mobile company you were moving to France?

I was wondering whether to join Orange UK but I think they are now EE. Your information is very helpful. Thank you.

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I have a French number but also kept the UK one. I use Giff Gaff but I think it’s the same for all companies that pre-Brexit you get to use the minutes and roaming at the same rate as in the UK if you have one of their ‘goodybags’. However after 2 months of not using it in the UK then it reverts to standard rates for calling abroad.

I just top it up via the app,

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No there was no need to tell my uk provider I was off to Brittany…never even entered my head…I looked up how much calls and texts were likely to cost and made sure I was well topped up before I left…

I’ve no experience of Sky…I’m with giffgaff…x

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I love giffgaff…I’m with them too as are several members of my family…:slightly_smiling_face:

I think you need to have an “any network” mobile not tied in to a contract…

A goody bag lasts a month…(various prices from a fiver up…) when my mom was recently in hospital for many weeks where the patient phone wasn’t working I got a mobile phone to her and then exchanged my airtime credit for a goody bag so I could call her four to six times a day…she said it was only the sound of my voice that kept her going…so there have been many instances for me where giffgaff has been literally a lifesaver…:heart:


Will French banks register a uk mobile number to text you security codes for online transactions?

Good question Anna.
I somehow doubt it.

No Anna they will only text to a French mobile

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CA Britline do, doubt the regular French banks will.

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So far my French bank has my uk mobile number but any purchases I make online trigger an automated phone call to my landline with the codes…

I recently received a letter about registering my smartphone as a “terminal de confiance” in order to continue using their app which I’ve done…

I’ve not made any purchases online since so I don’t yet know if the security codes will continue to be automated to my French landline or whether the codes will be sent to my uk mobile…

I’ll know pretty soon as I’m running low on green tripe and will soon be ordering more from Germany…:slightly_smiling_face:

I still have a UK mobile which is pure laziness of not bothering to work out all the people/organisations I’d need to change numbers. French friends use WhatsApp, which doesn’t cost them extra. I also have a french SOSH 1€/month mobile to replace it, but have ended up with both.

The bank uses the UK number - again haven’t got round to changing it (5 years later…).

Please accept my apologies in advance for asking such a dumb question
I have a mobile with a UK number…what number does a French friend with a French mobile have to phone to contact me whilst I am in France .
Many Thanks

0044 and then leave out the first 0 of your mobile number

or on a mobile +44 and then as Jane says leave out the first 0 of your mobile number (so for example 07539 nnnnnn would be +44 7539 nnnnnn)

I think it’s possible your French Friends will be paying an additional fee, for the pleasure of phoning your UK mobile from their French mobile … :zipper_mouth_face: However, I can understand you not having a French mobile if you are only here on holiday.

I’ve made it quite clear to my friends here in France… if they expect me to phone their mobile from my mobile … they had better get a French one. I got fed up with it costing me to return all their calls… when I am out and about.

Having said that, when a dear friend ended up in hospital… I did break my rule and was in constant contact with her daughter who was frantic and only had a UK mobile. (she’s since changed it to French yippee) :hugs: (that was an expensive week :wink: but worth every cent)

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Use WhatsApp, then doesn’t cost anything to call using Wifi. And depending on what your mobile contract includes by way of data then free using a normal network too.


I have a very useful mobile, it makes and receives call and messages… excellent coverage and is very cheap to run… :hugs:

(I have no need for WhatsApp or anything similar… but appreciate some folk might well find such stuff useful… we all make our choices according to our needs…)