Mobile phone insurance

Please can someone advise us where we can buy comprehensive insurance for the Apple 6?

Orange, our only provider in the Pyrenees, stopped accident cover a year ago but continued to take our premiums without telling us, so when an accident happened they refused a claim.

AXA, our household insurers, provide very limited but expensive cover.

Obviously one needs cover against theft, loss and accidental damage.

Thanks Simon; we've learnt something new!

So John - as I've already told you - Free use the Orange network!

If you have an Orange mobile network - you have a Free mobile network.

I don't know how else to say it....

Free use the orange network John.
We pay €19.99 a month as we use a lot but that gives us unlimited calls and texts and 40gb of data, also 35 days of international use a year at no extra charge. If you don’t use as much then they do a €2 pay as you go option. There’s no tie in to a contract either.

Slowly the fog will clear.........

Huh ? Free use the Orange network where they don't have their own transmitters!

Yes, but would that be any good for us Simon; as I said Orange is the only provider that works here.

You're fortunate to have; we have to rely on Orange.

Because it's what they have always done bah, bah.

Yep John - it does but it's still incredibly expensive compared to some of the sim only deals out there now. For instance, Virgin Mobile have a great no contract offer out at the moment for 15,99€ pm (192€ / year) - unlimited calls, texts, mms and a massive 20Go of data. Their 1Go offer is only 5,99€ / month (72€ / year).

I just don't get why people tie themselves into these massively expensive contracts any more...

Simon, that deal presumably includes a talk,text,data package so if you are a heavy it doesn't seem quite as mad. I haven't been on one of those silly contracts for years though.

Beans being spilt. The first expensive phone, a Samsung, I did buy a policy for as it was around £500 outright. The cost was £3 or £5 a month? some time back so can't be clear but now I add it to my home insurance which is usually FREE!

Bearing in mind some of us do work in situations less favorable to expensive equipment getting damaged compared to say a civil servant.

Important as you say to take stock, if your expensive iphone 6 or what ever gets totaled you probably do have last years model at home in a box to fall back on so your world won't crumble over night although it maybe socially unacceptable to be seen out with last years model so you may have to find new friends Ha Ha.

I watched 2 iphones, those made of glass get destroyed in the same week as one owner or should that be ex owner swished their coat over their shoulder and it slid out of the pocket and smashed and another when the ex owner did that bar of soap juggling act as they new the result was coming only seconds later.

I really wonder at people who buy phones made from glass, guess they are the ones who should pay more for insurance as the rest of us are not that silly.

We always buy ours direct from Apple, unlocked. Their after sales is great. Currently were with we have the €19.99 package which is great for us as it includes overseas roaming too.

'IPhone 6 with Orange is a about 250 euro depending on contract'

Yep Sabine - I just looked it up. It's actually 230€ for the phone with a 24 month contract @ 55€ per month. I don't understand what nutter would pay Orange around 1,550€ for the 24 month contract (775€ / year). Then, on top of that, buy phone insurance! You can buy an iPhone 6 outright for around 500€ and sort out your own cheap sim only deal! Madness....

Both myself and hubby have IPhone 6. Have never bothered either in the UK or here with insurance. In all the years of having a phone, neither of us have ever damaged or had one stolen. IPhone 6 with Orange is a about 250 euro depending on contract. So not worth insuring.

Could someone please spill the beans and tell me how much you guys have spent on phone insurance over the years ? Or don't you know.....? Huh .....? :-)

I agree with Simon, neither I nor my husband have ever lost, damaged or had our iPhones stolen. Our teenage daughter had hers stolen, once!
It's not worth the premiums, French cover is so limited and expensive that it's definitely not worth it here.
It's a bit like pet insurance, never paid for that either, we always had a separate account that we paid £10 a month into for if the dog needed something, better than lining the insurance company's pockets. Just look after your phone.
I have a 6 and hubby and daughter have 6S btw

John I have always found it cheaper to add mobile phone cover to home insurance than buy an aftermarket policy.

Yes John much have you paid in insurance over the years? Get my drift......

Anyway - don't bother with Apple 6 just get one of these amazing British made Wiley Fox Swift

Thanks Simon; the Apple 6 is very expensive tho', so not 'easily' replaceable! Yes we have twice damaged them!