Mobile phone tariffs again

Can someone point this techotwat in the direction of a cheap mobile package, with which I can use 4g, preferably unlimited, for not much each month, please?
My eyes have stopped registering anything on this subject, since I seem to have spent the last week or so looking…
My brain will no longer accept any more information…
I know nothing on this subject
I tried looking through past threads, & had to stop for the above reasons.
Can someone please take pity on a poor lost soul that just wants to talk to his nearest & dearest, without having re-mortgage his ruin ?

Do you already have a phone, Bob, and “just” want a suitable connection, or do you want something that gives you a phone as well?


Any help or does it just cause the eyes to glaze over some more?

PS what’s your definition of “not much each month”?

I have a Samsung S8
Wifi at home
There are hotspots in town
But I’m looking to be able to call as & when I want or need; without incurring eye-watering costs by exceeding my very low limit of permitted MB

I’ll have a look Paul
Thank you
I just think my googling skills needs honing, as I just don’t seem to be able to ask it questions it understands

I put in “forfait mobile 4g illimité”

Yeah now you see…
you make it sound easy.
Maybe my problem is too many words…
Or worse :joy:

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I saw yesterday that Bouygues B&You had a 4.99 Euro/Month package for 5gb data - on a rolling 30 day contract - which seemed pretty good and should be enough for most people.


How about this offer Bob as you already have a phone?
Izzy x

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We used Reglomobile on an even more basic tariff for years and were very happy with it. We moved to Orange because of a linking offer they had but would be quite ok going back to Reglomobile. I do like not being tied to things…

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I’ve tried changing tarrifs with Free, as I currently have their 2 euros plan
I’m given the impression that I have to change sim every time, or maybe they’re treating like a new customer
No idea, hence my current mental state

Mint Mobile are currently offering 50 GB internet (loads unless you stream a couple of films on your phone every day), unlimited SMS and unlimited calls including to British landlines for 9.99 / month.

The bad news is the offer is ending today! Mint Mobile

Mint took over Teleconnect and the service was appalling… just saying…

Ah, fair enough, I’ve never used them so can’t comment. Am using their elec subsidiary an d have had no problems but I imagine it’s a whole different branch of the company

This was landline so the mobile part may be separate too. I’m just a bit wary of them since :thinking:

The small print on Mint… “for 1 year then € 12.99 / month”

True, I missed that detail. Still, pretty good price I reckon and also it’s sans engagement

Reglo Mobile, also sans engagement, is a much better price IMO for that marketplace.

Bear in mind Reglo is tied to the SFR 4G network. Fine for most people, but some only get Orange. We had to change to Sosh because we could not get a signal with Reglo where we live. (Not great when your bank is sending you a transaction code!)

Which is why the best advice is, where possible, try before you buy with sans engagement offers or on local advice.