Model Makers?

Any Model Makers out there? I am into Wooden Ship Models.

Here is one of mine (french war ship, Le Superbe) : 012

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This is it finished (put the wrong pic on)


Even more impressive :slight_smile:


Thanks Paul, below Her, on the table, are the cannons, ready to go into HMS Victory.

I do plastic models. Mainly 1/35 military 1/32 airplanes and 1/200 ships…also 1/16 armour

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I collect lead model soldiers Dave, used to (many moons ago :thinking:) make balsa, flying model aircraft :slightly_smiling_face:

used to do warhammer but got rid of it all before i left England.

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Don’t know that Harry :slightly_smiling_face:[product.startDate+<%3D+1520979720000+and+product.endDate+>%3D+1520979720000]

lots of delicate painting and building sets to play on.

Certainly need a steady hand there Harry :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

This is very like a model my dad made from cigar boxes which he got from our neighbour.
He also made models of yachts from matches.
He flew biplanes made from Izal toilet paper out of the loo window and gliders from the envelopes of his football,pools.

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Brilliant Jane, innovative Man :grinning: :+1:

really beautiful a work of art Bill.

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Unfortunately he died when I was thirteen.

Ah that’s sad Jane, a shame for you too, sounds as though He was an interesting Man, the family must have missed Him a great deal :heart:

Thanks Carol, I have a few more I’ve done, currently have HMS Victory ‘on the go’, but it’s going to take years, if I last long enough! :grin:

Few pictures of some of my “efforts”