More Brexit planning

More planning for post “B” day.

Does anyone have a link to the French customs regs giving the thresholds to pay duty & VAT - I have come across a couple of links which look reliable and say it’s 450€’s worth of goods before duty is payable - but what about VAT, is that payable on all goods?

As things stand we’ll be out of the EU the next time we enter France but will be bringing a couple of items over which will stay - total value about 150€

Surely we’ll only be ‘out’ this year if there’s ‘no deal’, everything stays the same with a deal until the end of the transition period I thought?

If May fails to get her deal passed then, as things stand, we’re out and a 3rd nation on April 12.

I get on the ferry on April 12 and enter France on April 13 so there is every chance I need to know what the customs regs are.

Of course I haven’t had to think about this for previous trips but I’d like to avoid starting the next with accusations of smuggling. Even if it is only a mower blade and a lampshade.

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Again I thought the EU had agreed that even with a ‘no-deal’ scenario travelling and transportation would continue as before for a short period.

It is beginning to look like this will be the outcome, cannot see us avoiding it.

Personal travel - yes, 90 days will be allowed as for citizens of current 3rd nations.

Transportation - yes, the ability of UK road hauliers to operate  in the EU post Brexit for a short period (12 months I think) has been guaranteed.

However for customs rules and checks - they apply the second that we leave. To quote from the “Q&A” document:

Note, of course that the March 30 date applied of B-Day was the 29th.

OK, so it is 430€ if arriving by sea - well, it is if you are French, have been on holiday and bought some stuff. Whether that limit applies to UK holday makers taking stuff into France is not clear.

And, coming the other way it looks like in the event of “no deal” we will mostly be enjoying French wine in France.

UK inbound allowances:

4 poxy litres, just 5 bottles - I really hate this stupid idea.

Can someone remind what Brexit was for again?


Currently French wine sales to the uk bring in 1.3 billion. I wonder how much Brexit will affect this figure? I don’t think the French would be happy if the uk bought less of their wine.

Or Mercedes or BMW sell less cars.

Yes, obviously the French wine producers and German car manufacturers were supposed to be beating paths to Macron’s, Merkel’s and Barnier’s door to insist we got whatever we wanted from the negotiations - perhaps they didn’t get the script?

Seriously though - I doubt it will affect the large wine importers/exporters all that much - the import tariff on a bottle of wine is actually quite modest, just a shade more than 12p for above 13% strength wine and excise duty and VAT will be levied at much the same points in the chain - the funds will just wind up with a different government.

Where I think it will hit hard is the last stop, “fill the boot up” retail outlets. It will be difficult or impossible for individuals to avoid paying duty and VAT twice if they go over the duty free limit on the way home and the duty on a bottle of wine is £2.16, plus the 20% VAT.

I think the appeal of inexpensive wine bought in France will fall away if bringing it back home doubles the price.

People’s attitude to buying French wine might change though after Macrons anti UK stance over the last few months.

To be honest with all the Brexit shenanigans and incompetance from our politicians I’m beginning to have an anti-UK stance.


It certainly is embarrassing.


The UK imports more wine from the US and Australia than France so I doubt Brexit going to make much difference.

Tim is correct - but even if that were not the case the point at which duty and VAT are paid won’t actually change for the big importers/exporters and, in the short term at least, I doubt the rates will change much either.

I stopped reading after the first three words.:grinning:

Careful Tim, don’t get your head wedged in the door on the way out :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

We have clients coming to stay in the gite for a wine buying holiday.
Champagne first and then the Maconnais.

Do you check how they voted before checking them in Jane ? :smile:

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