Most annoying adverts on the telly

For me it’s the Domino’s pizza yodeling mash up, I have to change the Channel when it comes on :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Presumably to another :fr: brand though? Dior? Givenchy? Louis Vuitton? Hermès?


Adverts on ITV betwitx halfs whilst watching the 6N’s. Other than that I don’t watch TV.

Chanel was all Marilyn needed…

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I’m hibernating for the winter, so the télé is my only friend :disappointed_relieved:
Does anyone remember the Tango adverts, when randon people got slapped, that was funny, but was taken off the air because kids started slapping each other in the playground,
I went to an all boys school and we did much worse to each other, could explain my drink problem and weak bladder :thinking:

In replying to Pip did you mean this Marilyn…

Sorry I can’t spel, I have an IQ of 152, but my brain is like a rubber ball, bouncing around non stop, too many thoughts,
I will try to do better in the future, :joy:

I’ve just changed my original post, so who looks stupid noo w ha :joy:

Ooo, Eastenders, must dash :grin:

I couldn’t stand the perfume ad, apparently it was Lady Gaga singing on it (I had no idea!). My daughter was buying some in Birmingham and I said “I’d never buy that I can’t stand the ad, I’d like to ****** that woman.”. I’ve not seen the ad since, they seem to have taken note and removed it.

Any Verisure ad.

All those with awful doggerel and the ones where adults have children’s voices. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

Haribo, I’m with you on that one, they all sound like Joe Pasquale,
I apologise for my spelling in advance, but I’m not drinking my morning coffee this week, and finding it hard to wake up, and I can’t be bothered to Google, Joe Pasquale :grin:

I think that Marilyn needs more than just Chanel…

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A Guinness should sort her out,
Pssst. Who’s Marilyn?

I think Mark is referring to Marilyn Monroe

An advantage of not having had a tele for >40 years is that we only remember the old adverts. :smiley:


Why anyone would watch or listen to adverts is beyond me. The HDD in our set top box
is used to record the odd commercial prog we are interested in. We then ff as necessary. Radio - we listen to ad free Radio Paradise and France Musique both on t’internet in the main.

I try to not let adverts get to me but there’s one which repeats three times during each ad break. I first thought it was perhaps a mistake the first time I noticed, but then it happened again and again, so realised it must be intentional.

It’s something like a multivitamin product, it has a child playing football who is in goal and the mum takes a free kick. I can’t remember anything else… So not sure how effective their advert is!

It annoys me so much I messaged them to ask why there advertising message is “our customers are morons”
Got a stock answer of course but it seems to have gone… perhaps I am not alone???