Music to lighten the mood - please add your own choices

Er no.
(But every so often cppm comes on the radio in the car and we turn the volume right up and all sing along as loud as poss :grinning:)

Earworm of the day, NO idea why. I was 8 when it came out and wasn’t aware of it.

Fun because they are singing in Japanese rather than Korean.

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I believe Inva Mula sang the Diva Dance Song for Bruce Willis’s sci-fi film The Fifth Element, a song, part of which was composed such that a human voice shouldn’t be able to sing it……there’s a touch of the synthesiser in the film version.

Love to hear a singer who can sing without music.

Second video is an analysis by a voice coach of those who can sing it…

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There’s a Chinese singer called Jane something who can sing it
Jane Zhang that’s it
Edited because argh obv Jane Zhang is in your video, I reacted before listening, sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not to worry! I think I prefer JZ’s version - without the synthesizer… although I’d just give the edge to Inva Mula, overall, but it’s close!

I’ve been in hospital​:cry: the last 6 days but this morning :slightly_smiling_face:


Know how you feel - couldn’t wait for the surgeon to let me go after 17 days! Long time ago in my 50s.

Loved the film and music, and in particular performances of Richard Harris, Oliver Reed & Joaquin Phoenix.

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They were playing this in Leclerc yesterday! I’ve not heard it in 50 years!
I’m amazed I was able to work out it was America and the only line I could hear over the supermarket noise was “alligator lizards in the air” and I knew I knew it - just googled it and found it. :grin:
Joyous memory.

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Where to put this? Music? Technology? Just wow!


I used to play marbles at school, but not like this…

Them again

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This has to be (in my opinion) one of her all time greats… :slightly_smiling_face:


If you dream of playing on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury but lack any musical ability, don’t fret…

“So what do you do for a living?”

“Oh, I play the scissors in Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds”