Music to lighten the mood - please add your own choices

I’d forgotten it had such an adult theme…!

I think I was about 13 when it came out, we weren’t allowed to watch it, not that we were allowed to watch TV anyway except at the weekend for top of the pops unless it was Wimbledon (school rule, sport ok. Top of the pops just about tolerable, everything else:NO)

A great, great song by a wonderful band - The Band. Robbie Robertson [pictured] - just marvellous.

I was just penning a few words re Eurovision Song Contest and how it used to be good songs by good singers, chosen to represent that country.

Now it seems to be bizarre songs performed by bizarre performers with the country largely irrelevant - tho’ I understand the Ukrainian ‘winner’ this time was topical.

As for songs to lighten the mood, looking up 1968, when Sandy Shaw won E/vision with “Puppet On A String” - a very decent pop song, the albums released that year were astounding. The Beatles ‘The White Album’ - “Martha, My Dear”. Macca inspired by his Border Collie.

On ‘Astral Weeks’ - Van Morrison … “Cyprus Avenue”. Sublime. “Mrs Robinson” on ‘Bookends’, Simon & Garfunkel. As mentioned above “The Weight” on ‘Music From The Big Pink’ by The Band.

My pick from 1968 for lightening the mood would be “Mama Roux” from ‘Gris-Gris’ by the late, very great Dr John [Mac Rebbenack]. Don’t try to work out the lyrics. There’s a lot of Cajun. Just lay back to the Dr’s usual groove - cowbell, timbales …

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Love the simplicity of the structure of the tune, and the words couldn’t be better coined, or sung. IMO.

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I love drums, and this has 65 million YouTube viewings – I wonder why.

Great drumming by a born drummer. No doubt.

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When I listen to songs & music, some creations hit a sweet spot somewhere in my brain, and become permanently fixed there, and which will elicit that initial pleasurable response over and again. We all have our favourites, but all of them are as different as can be, from one person to another.

Why does one song or a piece of music bring a thrill to one listener, but not to the other?

According to this article, that thrill, gotten from a piece of music or a song, is called ‘frisson’, a word that derives from French and means “a sudden feeling or sensation of excitement, emotion or thrill”.

And, according to the article, "one can experience frisson when staring at a brilliant sunset or a beautiful painting, or when realising a deep insight or truth, or when reading a particularly resonant line of poetry or when watching the climax of a film”.

This study proposes that there are 715 songs that are scientifically verified to give you the chills, thanks to ‘frisson’.

I listened to the first 7 pieces on the 715 list, curated by a team of neuroscientists & is on Spotify, and only the seventh gave me a touch of frisson, and that was ‘Chandelier’ by Sia.

The author of this article cited Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’ as giving him frisson, as it does me.


Me too, it’s the story if his life in a song, very poignant

This one does it too


Probably already somewhere in this list but posting again - two wonderful songs to dance to on a drab Monday morning


Nine years ago….

Three years later….

This year…a determined young woman…

Cold Heart taken me back to the original - Sacrifice - beautiful

We all must be all pensioners by now but we had a whale of a good time 1977 “ **Everything’s going well for me Plastic Bertrand - Ca Plane Pour Moi HD - YouTube Turned it up and opened the windows life was and still is great