Music to lighten the mood - please add your own choices

‘I was thinking of Charles Fleischer’

I though you were referring to Fletcher’s (flawed) paradox about the passage of time!

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Still got the voice :blush:

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Was looking for a version of Bette Davis Eyes and found this dance version. First dancer so entertainingly camp!

Never liked high heels but accept that women do!

Something completely different.

Yep! What’s up? What’s going on? One billion views!

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News article with a trailer, but very poignant

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Not great quality

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In the middle of winter in woolly hats, scarves and coats, keeping warm, the Danes obviously like drumming.

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Loved the film…Jungle Book. Haunting musical intro.

I always associate this song with the tale of Christian The Lion….

Christian The Lion…

Sung by Whitney Houston.

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This is music from another time - the images are so constructed, and Phil Spector was such a s sh1t, but it’s still a great record, that’s much more than a just time capsule. The end credits mention that the Ronettes were inaugurated into the Hall of Fame over thirty years later by … Keith Richards!

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I was in Rio for carnival in 1975 and in those days you could just wander up to the samba schools as they were lining up and preparing to parade - thousands of dancers, hundreds of drummers as they set up for the batucada. The noise of the drums was thrilling and deafening and it became something totally visceral. The sound just went right through my body - fabulous.