Need friends and meet up

Hello all, am Joseph and new here and about moved from limoges to bellac this may i speak perfect English and need to meet new people and make Friends. Please in you are interested don’t hesitate to contact me in private looking for to hear from you thanks. :blush:

Welcome Joseph, but your post is very similar to one posted some months ago by someone living in Limoges. Was that you too?

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A brave claim :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


The other one was a would-be scammer I seem to remember.

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No that wasn’t me, Am new here. :blush:

This was the last one, if I’m not mistaken…

Welcome to the site.

I know Limoges and have been to Bellac, but they’re both very far from me.

Just one question… why do you want people to contact you in private?

Hi Joseph,

Welcome to Survive France.

I live fairly close to Bellac. It would be useful if you told us a little about your interests and what you’d like to talk about. Feel free to send me a personal message if you’d rather not disclose that information publicly!

Hello again lol didn’t meant anything bad by referring to contact me in private. I am Joseph 36 years of age African originally from Ghana, :ghana: married to French with two boys moved to France 7 years ago, from France to Ireland.

In between the 7 years we lived in Ireland for 2 years and came back again to France for real and tryed in limoges but not going well so we want to try bellac.

Am also masonry and paving by professional did a formation here in limoges 1 year with diploma and also small fixing and painting artist, painting bâtiment interior and exterior.

For my wife just took a new job in bellac and that’s the main reason we are relocating there. So that’s a little about me cheers.


I am about the same distance from Bellac as @_Brian, although from a different direction, around half a hour drive, fairly near but not really local. There is a very nice group of brits, and unlike some places which tend to be retired brits, there are some people with young families like you in Bellac so I imagine you’ll have no problems meeting people when you get there. There’s a lovely cafe just opened in the town that raises money for local animal charities, it was a sea of brits, french, and their assorted pets, when I visited last week! There are two or 3 facebook groups I think that are very active, I don’t do Facebook so I’m not a member but I’m sure you can find them. Le Dorat’s only up the road too obviously and there are plenty of brits there too.

Your training will I’m sure be invaluable! This area is jam packed with decorators, builders, painters, landscapers, what there is a real lack of is people who are actually any good though! Lots of ‘general tradesmen’ who charge a fortune and do a poor job, and quickly end up with a dubious reputation so if you wanted to set up on your own and offer good value and charge well the market is yours to take!

I think there are a couple of members here who are in, or at least much nearer to Bellac itself but I’m not sure how regular visitors they are to SurviveFrance


No worries. We’re a friendly bunch who like to look out for each other :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck to your wife for her new job. Hope the move to Bellac works out for you.