Neighbours Barn Obstructs view of Church

Hi, just going to open this for now.

Not sure where to start but geez my village heh.

My major inquiry, notice how polite I am.

Is a monstrosity of a barn that spoils my view of a 12 century church.

There I have started.

This is a very sensitive area.

I will get back earlier in the week but I think for many people the outcome, information and info will be of help to people with likewise problems.


Hi David and welcome to SF
Is the construction new and does it have the correct permissions?
There are usually special provisions for constructions within a certain distance of ancient Churches, monuments and the like. Have these been explored with the appropriate authorities?

Not all churches are listed buildings.
Whats that saying if you want to keep the view buy the land.

Ugly barn? Is it new? Probably a working building, I wouldn’t make too much of a fuss about it because you’ll be as popular as the Parisians who buy a house in the countryside and complain about lowing cows, crowing cocks, smelly animals etc.


I get the impression that David is going to tell us his story rather than ask for our advice. For the minute he’s just teasing us. Can’t imagine why.
Izzy x


Yes, I sense he has joined to have a cheerful natter rather than serious question.

After all, if existing presumably you noticed there was a huge barn in the way when you bought/rented your house. So buyer beware.

And if it wasn’t then maybe didn’t ask enough questions about land and neighbours before you moved? Farmers can do pretty much what they like with their land, so if constructible agricultural land that is outside any protected area then little recourse. A few rules about the minimum building distances from a boundary, and planner can set a few conditions about the mass of the barn. But bad neighbour developments and views don’t feature here.

And once it’s built…


This was built years ago, how on earth it got permission is beyond me.

As I said I just opened this, I will post some photos.

Btw I have no confidence in my Marie. Confidentiality does not exist in this village.

The last mayor was there for 32 years.

What I am looking for is a law facts.

Thanks. Sorry for being a bit pushey. I need to look into it more.

Thanks to all for advice.

To be honest when we got our first house, a foothold we went for it.

Been paying rent at 450 euro etc.

Seems I cannot reply much at the moment.



No I think it was just an Empire thing.

No way he could raise animals so close.

Now he just parks a car there etc.


Yes. I agree.

Not teasing just resticted on replying.

To be honnest, David, I think you’re on a non-starter, if the barn was aready there when you bought the house and it’s agricultural you risk ending up on the TF1 JT at 13h with all the Parisians who complain that the countryside is too noisy, too smelly and that they didn’t imagine that agriculteurs worked Sundays and late into the evening … culminating with the court cases against crowing cockerels etc.
If you’re really serious and if it really is no longer used then approach the owner and offer to pay for it to be demolished, but you’d have to be desperate to see it go to go down that path! :wink:

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Why don’t you move?


And then you can watch an EDF funded one be put up in its place, but twice the size :thinking:

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Thank you Andrew.

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When finished yes, we bought for 125k hope to sell for 240k and retire without neighbors.


That’s what I thought the thread was about at first, there are sooo many going up, or were, I heard a rumeur that edf has cut the buy-back price and that it wasn’t so attractive anymore.

For info, my BIL had one of the first big instalations in the aveyron. Unfortunately he’d already had the building built a few years earlier before the buy-back schemes came into being.

If you don’t like the view why did you buy it and then invest so much?
Maybe no one else will like the barn either?
We bought our house for the view.

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To be honest I am just a bit miffed at how neighbors are so…like … also how corrupt the mountain villages seem to be. The cemetery seems to be the main place for them all, apparently they rest in peace there.

Where are you in the midi-Pyrénées?