Neutral wire on sockets

Does anybody know how i can find a break in my french sockets wiring there are 8 sockets on the circuit which all stopped working the other day there is power to the sockets but the neutral is not connected

Logically if no socket is working on that circuit the fault must be at the tableau or between the tableau and first socket in line.

Do you know the route that the cabling takes?


First stop is the neutral connection at the disjoncteur for that circuit. If you have screw terminals it may well have not been tightened & has worked by luck up until now.

P.S. If I’m right you might find that the disjoncteur has blackened or partly melted due to the high resistance of a loose connection. If so replacement beckons.

Edit: I’m guessing that the circuit stopped working when you used a heavier load on it?


everything is tight have connected a neutral from another socket not on the same line and all sockets now work

no idea where the cables run

Possibly a rodent has chewd the cable or an internal break if you have found ALL the connections in that run.

it had been coming back on intermittently

We had a similar issue when we bought our house. The power for us used to trip out in bad weather. We had an electrician in and we found several boites de derivation crammed full of wires and dubious connectors. We even had to take part of the floor up to unearth a couple more boites. No problem since then as we now know where the wires run, the boites de derivation are all now accessible and the wako connectors are secure and safe. We have not had any problems since then. :crossed_fingers:

:joy: could be a typo or just having fun

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Thats worrying as arcing is often the cause of a fire.

nothing trips and there is power to all the sockets so it must be a break in the neutral wire but i dont know how to find it

I’d be looking to fix that properly as that sounds like a very dubious solution. @Badger will know better than me but I suspect that’s going to compromise the protection on both circuits.


Loose connections are the majour cause of elctrical fires be carefull

Isn’t that excactly what I wrote two posts back?

Do you mean at the tableau/distribution board?

Which is NOT a permanent solution. If that other circuit was on a different interrupteur différentiel (RCD) it would trip in that situation anyway.

So classic loose connection. You need to trace things properly. Hopefully it you will find a junction box somewhere that has the problem in it. Under NF C 15-100 all junctions must remain accessible throughout the lifetime of the installation, but that doesn’t stop cowboys from hiding them.

I have also known faults occur when screw terminals in certain types of socket have been overtightened & broken the wiring.

Wago but your answer is better :smiley:

Maybe call an electrician?

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had one in never seen this problem before

Thats actually more worrying than your problem, a spark who doesnt know, out seeing people yikes.


Obviously not an electrician then.
To diagnose the problem should in most cases be simple either by visual or using a frequency meter and tracer, in others a multimeter.
As others have mentioned call an electrician.
And get the electrician to check all the installation dis board sockets light fittings etc and while he’s at it the earthing.