New 1st July postal charges and processes

Poly bags have now replaced BPE so no chance there!

UPDATE: As I said we had the other 2 more belts coming from HK. Just found them in the post box - no charges. Interestingly the ‘return to’ address is in Roissy AND on one of them we can clearly see another address label underneath. Oh - hubby just managed to peel it off so it just said China to France with our name and a bar code, so they are obviously bulk sending stuff THEN distributing from France.

The Chinese have sent up a distribution centre in France.

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Just reporting in as the info may be reassuring - I have just received a heavy package posted in Milton Keynes. It had two customs labels on it (CN22 and CN23) and declared itself to be a book. I was not expecting anything so couldn’t imagine what it was (there were no extra charges of any description).

It turned out to be a (very erudite) book produced by the Wiltshire Record Society. I am a member for about £15 a year and when one of their researchers produces a book for publication, I get a copy. This tome was vast and must have cost a lot to publish and send. They are a tiny group of enthusiasts so hardly a major commercial organisation. However, I thought people would like to know that this sort of item appeared not to attract any extra charges of any description.


I had read mention of this but wasn’t sure if it was just big companies but the way you have said this makes me wonder - is it the chinese gov / postal service??

To be honest I’m not sure why any company would use a CN22 now. Well,I am, under £250 or something and you’re meant to lol, but it’s a much shorter label compared to the CN23 which obviously has both parties full details on including the phone and email which would be needed for these infamous new charges. I always use the CN23 as it just seemed better to go the extra mile and have all the information and I’ve never been told I should use the 22.It seems like the way to go generally if there’s a chance the recipient will have to pay something.

Given the kind of people that sent it, I imagine they were following a belt-and-braces approach :smiley:

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I had a parcel delivered today that was ordered off UK Amazon on 1st July. Well… that was after many “phantom” so-called “attempted deliveries” by our local Post Office…the sort of parcel delivery the UK Post Office specialises in (not) doing… finally there was an actual delivery today.

I got a 40% discount on Amazon. It would have broken even, even if charged new fees - so I thought I’d risk it.

Tracking showed it went through Customs.

No charge.


Are goods / parcels posted in NI to France affected by all these customs / postage changes?

I’ve received the three mags to which I subscribe delivered as normal this month. I believe the distributors have adopted the new registration system.
Not ordered/bought anything else from UK sites as preferring to use .fr

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Same for me so unless the filtering of these is on a random/selective basis, it looks like magazines/specialist newspapers etc are probably ok!

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My The Gardener came through, no problems.

We had another small parcel (in a padded envelope) arrive unmolested.

…as did my “Kitchen Garden”, but I miss the free seeds, they are removed before posting. :frowning_face:
Much as I like the French seeds I will miss being able to get the familiar UK trusted varieties I have used for years

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It’s very good for us though! I’vve discovered some delicious new varieties I wouldn’t have tried if I’d stuck with my “old faithfuls” :smiley:

After trying lots of seeds we found these

They are the best we’ve ever found, you can also change their website into English if your German is not good!



Thanks very much @Toovey27 - I shall have a browse through that one. My current favourite is Association Kokopelli - Semences Biologiques, libres de droits et reproductibles but of course they don’t do everything I’d like so I’m always keen to explore new suppliers! I’m sure @strudball will be interested in that one too…

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Hi Angela,
Forgot to say that ‘Bingenheimer’ is also ‘Demeter’ accredited, which comes under Bio Dynamic regulations. (Just Google it for more info!) Good luck!

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Even better! Thank you :smiley:

@Toovey27 …thanks will be an interesting site to explore, I’m gradually building a list of European online sites