New criteria for classification

For gîte owners preparing to apply for their star rating , or coming up to renewal, here is the new set of criteria that comes into force next February.

As ever some thing that are truly silly…but they have removed the obligation to provide a real telephone. And you get 2 points for having a charging point for an electric car.

Having had a brief skim across the classifications it is clear that we live in the category of “un hovel”!

Your gîte is beautiful!!

(We rarely invite gîte guests into our house, so perhaps you are the same as us - a well-insulated, beautifully decorated and renovated gîte that is impeccably clean. And a drafty house with many things that don’t work, covered in dog hair! )


Been there, done that, got the T-shirt!. :grin:

Thanks - the gite is very pretty, our home however does fall short on just about everyone of those categories!

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