New declaration required for property owners

Does your partner have a separate espace particulier? If so could check whether it shows up. But if it does I would be reluctant to complete it without checking first with tax office as might end up with two tax bills!

In the eyes of the fisc you are both individuals and not entitled to family declaration or payments/reimbursements but solely as yourselves! This is why couples get PACS’d or married as my family did when they both used to receive individual tax papers but now they get one.

But the house is just one house with one tax demand!

Absolutely this. My old house had a tobacco drying barn, which collapsed one morning in the first of the winter storms. The property was literally a main habitable building with 4 or 5 barns in various states of disrepair. Heaven knows how they would now be classified on this new declaration system.


A little late to the party, but seeing that the due date was pushed back a month, I dealt with some of the other issues and have now come back to this.

A question on ‘condition category’:

How is the classification of my premises determined?

For residential premises, the classification is determined according to their general characteristics (quality of the construction, layout, amenities, area area, overall condition, etc.). There are 8 categories ranging from 1 (property in excellent condition) to 8 (property in poor very condition).

Our property is rated as 6, presumably at least partly from it simply not being in great condition. Having been renovating the place somewhat, should I just leave this rating ‘as is’ or do I need to tell someone it’s only a partial hovel now?

Frankly, I’d leave it for the moment…
Our property is 6 and the Géometre who was checking the place explained why he was rating it thus… despite various renovations, it’s still a very old building with all the aspects associated with this sort of construction.

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Thanks Stella, I suspected as much.

I think we can just declare then. Worry over. :smiley:

If you have work that required planning permission then when it is finished you should be sent a form to fill in. If it includes things that could change the quality assessment then I guess they can amend.

I decided that it was not for me to say!


I think I looked up at the anchor plates and decided that no house being kept together by bits of old metal was ever deserving of being better condition than a 6 and so left it as was :see_no_evil::joy:


Only internal - heating, bathrooms, redec etc. No outbuildings either, for which I’m glad.

All parts of my house rated at 6 living space garage attic and cellar. The two barns aren’t on the tax declaration though must be atl least 300 yrs old. I’ve done and in the process of doing major interior renovations.
Les impôts can’t expect us all to be experts in fiscal declarations, I take the sleeping dogs way of looking at this sort of stuff.


Having had a small amount of work completed on the house a while back, I am in the process of telling the tax people about it, as instructed by the mairie after I’d reported the end of the work.

However, having had a nice response from them, including an H1 form, I am trying to fill in the wretched thing and I have a few questions…

  1. Simple one this - how on earth do I reply to a secure message on the tax site? Or do I have to start a new message?

  2. We are in the process of measuring all the rooms. The ones that don’t count as living spaces - like buanderies, lofts and garages - I understand and have to include an overall size for BUT does this mean I completely ignore the space taken up by corridors and the like? They aren’t listed…

  3. They want an overall estimate of size of outside space - gardens, drives etc, which I was planning on getting off the plan cadastrale but I don’t have an up-to-date one. I’m sure there was a reference to a website showing them somewhere on SF but I can’t find it :worried:

  4. There are two separate buldings, not used for habitation at all - storage and gardening equipment etc. Do I really need to fill in another couple of H1 forms for these?

All help/advice/experience very gratefully received!

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Thank you very much @mark - that’s one question dealt with :smiley:

I’m not sure whether I just have very kind people at the fisc but having had about 8 H1s sent over the last few years (each for different things, they’re not just getting very impatient with me :joy:) I have just described the changes, provided drawings or whatever that I’ve nicked from the planning stuff, filled in what I can without getting myself into a tizzy and said that the rest of the house has not changed, and that seems to be acceptable as the recent Biens Immobilier thing was completely accurate with all the various changes I’ve done on there. While you of course want to be as thorough as possible (to get the cheapest bill possible :joy:) I wouldn’t panic too much about every little detail if it looks like your foncière and habitation are pretty accurate.

Which is a long way of saying don’t cut corners like I’ve done, but also don’t worry too much about it @AngelaR !

just throwing a reminder into the mix… to the world in general…

If you alter your property… don’t forget to talk with your Insurance Agent to ensure they have all the correct details… :wink: :wink:

Still trying to sort out my mother in law’s declaration. She has a holiday home in France, but she didn’t have a French income tax ID required to create an account. The local tax ID she uses wouldn’t work. Having, finally, received the correct ID, we logged in to find they have her name wrong. No way to amend it online, so now we’re in another email holding pattern with them to sort that out. It’s almost as if they’ve been headhunting web designers from the British government :joy::joy:

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Thank you for the reassurance, @kirsteastevenson !The reason why I was bothered about it was that not only was I supposed to fill in the thing for the tiddly little terrasse we had built but when I looked at the bien immobiliers stuff, it was nothing like the existing building so I’m trying to (roughly) rectify that at the same time!

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It’s not quite that bad yet :rofl: :rofl: but I do know what you mean. I’ve been trying to get our address corrected for years but the only reason they seem to have for a wrong address is that I’ve moved - and I haven’t!!!

That’s almost Virgin Media levels of incompetence, Angela!

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