New declaration required for property owners

Thanks Stella.
I finally got a reply and have registered on the impôts gouv site.
I’ve completed the declaration the only part I had to complete was how long we have owned our property
Merci beaucoup

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Can you give me the details of the make of paint and colour please? We need to repaint our shutters.

Not sure whether I should be happy or not, as just been through the details of the two properties I own. Both of which are incorrect, despite previously informing the tax office after receiving larger than expected bills last year. Now I see why the bills are alot higher than expected - crazy. A tad frustrating to say the least. And I’m assuming they wont be wanting to hand money back due to incorrect details.

Don‘t be too pessimistic! Stranger things have happened.

Not too sure how much time it takes to get a response, but asked them what I now need to do to get the details corrected. Will be very interesting to see how this progresses…

Most likely you will be sent a H1 form to fill in. And then you wait. With luck they will deal with it before your next bill comes out next autumn.

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It looks like they have us down as 33% larger than we actually are. Should I continue the declaration and ask to have it corrected later or is there a way to ammend the information on the form, will they believe us anyway?

I’m in a similar situation and sent a message in the secure messaging space and now awaiting a response.

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