New french verb! 🤣

Publicity for a local business , never seen “liker” before but no option really for facebook :grin:

“Ouverture prochaine à Dole !

Liker vite notre page afin de ne manquer aucune actu ! “

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I wonder what the Académie Française would have to say? Some of the recent French (mis)appropriations of verb forms from English words are terrible.


I love “footing” being used for jogging.

Cracks me up every time I hear it.

What about re-looker for home decoration changes?

Well of course, because jogging is a tracksuit, :roll_eyes: pfffff



Sandwichs always cracks me up when you see it plastered on cafe windows or walls.

I’ve always thought it very odd that French uses English “words” that aren’t actually used in English, such as “rugbyman” or “tennisman”.

Liker, cliquer …

I was surprised recently to hear a friend refer to “le timing”.

Surely l’Académie Française is all over that sort of thing :slight_smile:

I think un makeover is a thing as well.


One of my faves is ‘showrooming’ on the side of a furniture shop van.

In English we also have words many think are French

I was trying to explain to my student the dilemma of how an ‘entrée’ in American English is the main course and a starter ( entrée in French) is actually called an ‘hors d’oeuvre’. We often have very funny classes laughing about the differences of English. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Que prenez vous en entrée means what are you having as a first course. Menus have entrées plats desserts on them. Hors d’œuvres are the things you eat not the course :slightly_smiling_face: even if there’s a bit of confusion sometimes.
Americans just got the wrong end of the stick.


My favourite recent one is “le rôle du management dans un business start-up”.


Why do I have a mental image of a bowler-hatted gent strutting around saying “I say! You there. You French people - you’re going to have to learn English eventually, why not just get on with it?”

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French AirBnB hosts love to describe their (poky) city apartments as “très cocooning”. :smiley:

Hahaha that sounds like something theydy say in Qui Veut Être Mon Associé… They love throwing about their Franglais in that show :grin:

Variant on this theme : “Le start-up 100% Made in France”


While queuing for the Baker… I heard my neighbours chuckling about this and that… and one definitely said “le shopping” :wink: :wink:

‘le shopping’ means going round boutiques etc though, not buying looroll and catfood.

Ah… that does make sense… they were laughing about the amount of time one of their number spends doing “le shopping”… and that lady is always very well presented :wink:

Although much of her time is spent buying the ingredients for the school canteen… which are obviously of equal importance… :wink: :wink: