New online car registration procedure

Has anybody managed to register a car imported to France at the ‘’ website now that the prefectures have ceased processing applications?

Doesn’t start until tomorrow according to article I was reading earlier.

Chris, if it’s online, do you have a link to the article?

Thanks Chris

This is the Government Site and gives loads of information… even down to letting you calculate how much the CG will cost …

Seems quite straight forward… and hopefully no need for the “middle-men” to get involved…the Government is concerned that some third parties may make exhorbitant charges for their services…but, wait and see, I suppose…
Of course, you will need to click on the “véhicule immatriculée a l’étranger” button…

also, glad to note that the Prefecture/Sub-Prefecture is supposed to make scanners/copiers/computers available to all… and provide someone to help anyone not used to working on-line… sounds great in theory… :wink:

Just had a go. Not that impresssed.

My car is French registered so straight forward.

Fell at first hurdle as it did not recognise my registration number.

Filled in a generic contact form and await a respnse

@Daveellen … Oh dear… please keep us informed of your progress… this is a learning curve for us all…:slight_smile:

Will do :slight_smile:

1 Like,,, and charge fees so make sure you use the official site.

Hi, I think that you’re a bit to early trying. I heard that you can do it online from the 18th November. My son just tried to get his French passport online and that also said from the 18th. :blush::blush:


I have just registered my UK car at the subprefecture in Momorillon Vienne. It was painless and the staff pleasant and were open normal hours for applicants.

The new rules relating to an online service only applies to French registered vehicles.
They don’t make that clear at all in the advisory.


Congratulations @James_Eyre

I bet you felt on top of the world after successfully going through that process… :grin:

Hi Stella.

Yes I was pleased and relieved.

My wallet was moaning though.
The COC from Peugeot was £170 (a French car for goodness sake)
New headlights and fitting €609
Control Technique €70
Prefecture €129
Tax for initial registration I have calculated at €620 ( I hope that’s an over estimate)
New plates cost I have to find out

What is annoying with the Control Technique is that the recent European law states all vehicle inspection certificates are valid in all EU countries if they are within six months. The French appear to ignore this ruling.

Oh well. When in Rome.


Oh dear… yes, it does hurt … but you only have to do this the one time… not every year… (apart from CT’s which do crop up again…)
According to the prefecture in Poitiers the immatriculation of vehicles previously registered in another country now has to be done online. Perhaps you managed to get your paperwork accepted at the sous-prefecture before the start date of the new system.

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Why did you pay the prefecture €129? In general French prefectures have been accepting MOT certificates with more than 6 months to run, perhaps it is just your sub-prefecture that has not acknowledged the change.

Hi David.

I should point out my French is practically non existent. I didn’t quite
understand what the €129 was for, I was just happy to have had all the
documents accepted and presumed this payment was part and parcel.

According to the website. The Vienne (86) was going online by the 7th
November but updates informed me the offices were closed as of the 1st.
However, as I was concerned about what was really what, I asked an English
speaking French neighbour to double check with the subprefecture and they
confirmed that online is only for French registered vehicles. All foreign
car owners will still need to make a personal appearance. Which I did and
it was accepted.

So close to the change over one has to ask which is right. In think it best
to check with your own local prefecture.


The link I posted is from the Poitiers prefecture. Often when you apply through a sous Prefecture you have to include a blank cheque to cover the registration fee and any eco taxes due. There is no fee paid to the prefecture in addition.

hopefully, the sub-prefecture have got their act together and have taken the correct payment…I suppose we must just wait and see…:thinking: