New satellite, loss of channels

As predicted the Astra satellite has moved into place and we have lost BBC on the sky box. What I would like to know is if anyone had earlier installed a bigger dish, sizes of 110cms were being discussed, and if so have you still got a decent signal?

We are in Dept 32


good grief this thread is a whopper!

anyone know where the AMAZING website / blog link is (that someone helpfully posted)

that shows all the tests for signal, availability and the like?

it was like a diary format...


Thanks for the info-maybe I'll take up knitting! Looks like we'll have to stick with the buffering until Orange or whoever runs France Telecom updates our system but won't hold my breath.

Neil - I haven't switched, and would be quite careful before doing so, but can give you some kind of indication, which may actually be very much on the low side.

An example 1-hour programme to download is roughly 640MB, so 4 hours would be 2560 MB, roughly 2.5GB. It actually depends on whether your provider, e.g. Tooway, calculates 1GB as (1000 x 1MB) or the more correct (1024 x 1MB). Over a month that would come to around 75GB, which I believe is quite a lot for such a service.

Now this is based on download size, which is tailored to BBC iPlayer, and I suspect that TV transmission over IP might not be so compressed, hence my concern that this would be an under-estimate. As for programmes in HD, the sky would become the limit, if you'll pardon the pun!

Anyone switched to the various satellite broadband suppliers such as Tooway? How much download would we need for TV for 4 hours a day?

We get poor broadband here so quite a bit of buffering goes on with Filmon. We have a VPN so can get catchup on the main UK channels.

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Can we take it that your dish has only 3 wheels and is marked with the details of a Peckham-based international concern?

Same in the Var. They’ve done it on purpose now that the World Cup has finished!

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exactly the same with us, nothing for months and now we have them back !

I had this chap come round and fix a new dish. Can't see much improvement to be honest but have noticed planes at nearby Rodez airport behaving rather erratically

Hi M7chael, yes I did think it must be that. We did call the satellite man out about 1 month ago, he said the


I have noticed that signal levels have been slightly higher than normal during the last few days, coinciding with a change of atmospheric conditions, so I can only presume that your system is operating right "on the edge" where a small change in signal level can mean the difference between a picture and no picture...The cure, as always, is dish realignment,larger/better dish, better LNB etc..

Well..explain this one to me lol..for the past 2 days, I have perfect ITV 1, ITV2, ITV4, BBC, channel 4, 4 plus 1 etc etc..dumbfounded..have had nothing for months !!

Yes - you can get it through Canalsat but it is an additional option. It may well be available through other French cable/satellite systems as well

Is Bein Sport 2 through Canal?

And you can watch Wimbledon on French TV - it is on Bein Sport 2.