New Signs at the Pumps

Work your way down this page… it seems to give ALL the new signs…

Might be worth taking a moment to ensure you understand exactly what you will be putting into your tank…

And here’s my previous post on this. I think you were away for this Stella.

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Sorry Mandy… I did miss this one… and many other things as well… :wink: so very glad to be back home… :hugs:

anyway… my link might be useful for those folk wishing to have a go at reading French… :sunglasses::rofl::zipper_mouth_face:

Oh it doesn’t matter at all. You were bound to miss things. I’m glad you’re back too. :kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Excellent idea, I always try to read the French links. :+1:

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Most of the time…I don’t read the News in English, unless I have noticed something in the French News and wonder how the rest of the World is reacting… :relaxed: If I am having a lazy/deskbound day, I read them both and often they are at odds with one another…:roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face: Never quite sure which one of them is using Google Translate :joy::joy::joy:

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