New Year's Eve 2013

Do you have plans for Tuesday night, will you be celebrating in style or perhaps having a quiet night in with close friends, or maybe you would like to invite us all round for a knees up?!![](upload://dqiK3MpgWQ65sqYfsYXYGzCgPJf.jpg)

Peter, Thank you for your encouragement. I am so sorry 2013 was a bad year for you and hope that this year will be much happier.

Thank you Sandra, you are right, of course. I hope 2014 will be a wonderful year for you.

Well we had a great time at the resto. in town. We left the car out of town in our country lane & walked in thinking we'd avoid the law if we decided to drive home. The highlight of the night was a midnight fight with peashooter things & polystyrene "peas" It quickly became Grand Britain v Petite Breton & being hopelessly outnumbered my missus & me called up the Geneva Convention & surrendered. A free for all then ensued which was totally & utterly childish but great fun. We finally got away about 2pm to find the whole town in total darkness & probably in bed. Our worries about the law were groundless as it proved almost impossible to find our car it being that dark so we were almost certainly the only people abroad at that time of the morning. we had a great time but think that next year we'll probably stay at home!

brill as usual ! nice to see Barenboim mingle with the orchestra during the Radetsky - thought the Delibes was pretty good

Everyone has failures behind them and most of us will have had bad years, years we need to forget quickly in order to move on- 2012 couldn't have been worse for me but last year was the start of a new adventure

Life really IS so short Martha so try to get the most out of what you have, corny yes and easy to say, but true...

Well, 0230 on 1 January. Here I am stone cold sober after a couple of hours of first footing (well, had one beer). Let's all hope 2014 is a good year. 2013 did me no favours, so here's hoping.

Bliadhna Mhath Ùr

You have to let go of bad memories in the past in order to enjoy making good ones in the future. Sounds trite but it's true. I hope 2014 is better than you think it will be.


Like Donna, I have seen the new year roll in in quite a few different places. Now, it pretty much depresses me: so much failure behind me; so little time left to do anything worthwhile. The neighbours have nicely invited me to spend the key hour with them, but I think I'll skip it, have a glass at home and go to bed.

Happy 2014 to you all!

...and Joe Huggett in 'Meet the Huggetts'!

Cor, that takes me back! Can't remember myself, but I think they did a show (perhaps more than one) for the forces in Cologne in the early 50s. My mother couldn't understand a word they said, as NAAFI manageress she would have had to be responsible for accommodation, meals and such stuff and have to talk to them. With her form of English and theirs... My father would obviously have complained about the shows, expecting Jimmy Shand and his Band for Hogmanay! Which I think they never got. Oh, life's rich canvas :-)

Thanks Kent, I never would have guessed it referred to something as innocent as dancing ;-). Good New Year's Eve to you too, I hope your music gets a lot of knees up!

Here's a clip from 1940, Donna; during World War II. Gert and Daisy get in part mode.

Have a crackin' good New Year's Eve.

James, what is a 'knees up' please?

I think I've done just about every kind of New Year's Eve celebration in a few countries, among all different kinds of people, family, friends, strangers... Now I'm enjoying being an immigrant without any obligations to celebrate. No melancholy family members to babysit, no false camaraderie with noisy strangers, no being bound by traditions, schedules, rituals, customs or relationships... This year I was a good sport and did a proper French Christmas with the OH's family; I figure I've earned my right to do nothing tonight except eat and drink whatever I want, whenever I want, and if I'm lucky there will be a good film or two on TV. Please don't think I'm trying to rain on anyone's parade here, if you like the holiday and enjoy celebrating it, that's wonderful for you. But I have a feeling I'm not alone in thinking that it's just another day, that unfortunately, like Christmas, is weighed down by much expectation and emotion. It can bring out the worst in people, and also the most sadness and loneliness, in those who are most vulnerable. If you are celebrating tonight and you know someone who's alone and who cares about such holidays, please invite them to join you. Have a good one!

We will be celebrating the New Year in Bicester with our son in law cooking a lovely meal. He is a chef by training and has worked in Michelin starred restaurants so it should be good.
Shopping to be done on Friday then back to France on Saturday.

Thanks Sandra, means a lot x

Luckily we have been invited by our lovely French neighbours for tomorrow evenings Réveillon otherwise it would have been the 2 of us and dog !! Next year we must do the inviting for friends who are prepared to drive in the small hours or they can have a bed here of course! Several of our English friends have gone back this year for Christmas and New Year.
Happy and healthy 2014 a tous.

The commité des fêtes of our village is having a réveillon dinner and dance at 45 euros per person, we are part of the decorating team, we did that this morning, and this afternoon I set up plates for 88 people, we are having lots of fantastic food and the liquids to go with it. I know we will have a good time .

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year and good health.