New Year's Eve 2013

Nice dinner with friends in Eugene, a small town in Oregon, USA. Toast to loved ones, wanderlust and the New Year. We look forward to being in France in 2014. Cheers!

"GOOD SKILLS" my son. 'Ave a goodun!!

Cuddled up with a georgeous lady on a sofa somewhere near Cahors enjoying a glass or two of champagne after having eaten too much of a romantic meal - tough job tho' someone's gotta do it !

Happy New Year to all on SFN

got the mother in law here so will be throwing a wild party...not!

I actually don't like New Year - we always used to go away over New Year but I think this year I will most definitely be awaiting midnight so I can celebrate seeing the back of 2013 and I will be overjoyed to move into 2014. Onwards and upwards...

I have 2 spaces available at my table if anyone wants to join in my dinner party :D

As the 9 year old will (should) be in bed, it will be me and those with paws watching the countdown on the TV, maybe a small glass of something in hand ready for a quiet "Yay" at those celebrating on screen. A very healthy, successful and happy 2014 to you all. Cheers X

We're going to a friends in Ladoix Serrigny, complete with children for a typical Reveillion with 16 of us. We're taking pudding and so are treating them to a trifle and a Christmas pudding to see what they make of it! Lots of foie gras, escargots and oysters on the menu so looking forward to something I will actually eat. It goes without saying that the wine will be good here in Burgundy, white Ladoix is on of my favourites.

I've been invited to spend the evening meal and seeing in the New Year with friends and their neighbours. My friend, Jane, is Scottish and is doing Scottish Lentil Soup to start so I'm making some soda bread to take with me. Luckily they're only 3 miles away down the back lanes so I won't have a problem getting back home again.

We are paying 50 euros a head, meal only but we know the food is good & we will be well looked after. Regarding your golfing mates:- It's been my experience that golfers are notoriously hard to pin down unless it's for an actual tee time or a beer with the lads. (ex Hcp 9 golfer)

We will be doing a meal for our 2 Of our guests. At midnight in Cantobre, everyone goes up to the church with some champagne. Everyone gets to ring the bell… And bisous are exchanged all round!!

Happy new year to everyone!

PARTY HEARTY!!! Lots of folks both French and Brits, a bonfire, dancing, a band: jazz, blues and bossa-nova - Annette on sax, Graham on drums, Chris on guitar and me on bass.

I'm a bit rusty on bass and still struggling to rehearse some of the tunes with key changes and 'accidentals'. Gonna get stuck into 'The Girl From Ipanema' most of this afternoon...

Whatever you do, wherever you are, whoever you're with - HAVE A GOOD ONE!

65 € is cheap, I saw a 4 course meal in Bordeaux this morning with no dancing or champagne & it was 55 €

I hope everything goes well with Mr E's chemo and it's a really good 2014 for you both.

That would be fun James, but maybe not this year, a nice meal at home with a couple of Special Friends as Hubby is on a course of Chemo for a lump in his neck, which he had first one on 19th December and is fine and the lump.... well has disappeared so not taking any chances meeting germs ect, next chemo on 9th January so fingers crossed its gone!!!!! The Dr did say he was going to hit it aggresively but not with a hammer!!!! and then chill out in front of the telly!!!! with a couple of bottles og Bubbles!!!! perfect.............. Happy New Year 2014

We are off to the local Vielle Auberge. Great food, wine & company. Driving there but dunno how we will get home:-)

A very happy new year to all of you on this forum! 2013 has been quite unlucky for us Wards. So, roll on 2014. We’ ll be spending it with new friends at a house party in the Tarn, little ones in tow. Im really looking forward to 2014!!!

After much tooing and froing, at ours? Down south?
We are once again heading south to Limoux for a good old fashioned French reveillon with plenty of good food, good music and fantastic friends.
Whatever you are doing, enjoy it to the full and do it safely. Looking forward to having you all around for many years to come.
Happy 2014 in all that it brings to one and all.

We shall be at home for once - wonderful! A bottle of something nice, also foie gras and a duck, 2 friends with us. I’m sure there are some reveillon dinners in restaurants around here but we would probably never go to one - prefer to be chez des amis or at home. You usually eat better and have more fun. Bonne annee one and all

On our way home from Christmas with daughters in Bournemoputh. Staying with friends near Cahors on the 30th - might even stay another day; if not, back home in time to cook a duck and a little foie gras, open a bottle of something nice and deep red, dîner à deux and bed at 5 past midnight.

It is another evening for us.

Some dinner....all seven of us.

Tito, Pujols, Dusty, Grizzle and Ginger.

Maybe Sheekee the wild black kitten will pop in to for a snack.

Maybe we would have booked a restaurant table but 7 courses is beyond

me and my friends are not interested in a big dining experience.

Although a very keen dancer when in my prime....not a knees up sort of


Happy to do do something special in late summer if you feel like gathering