No Inspection Report?

Ok, this may seem a bit mad to ask. But. If a house has no “inspection report” when you buy it, is there any kind of protection if something is seriously wrong? And, can a house be sold without an inspection? Tks!


What does the Notaire say… ???

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I was under the impression that vendors must supply a Dossier de Diagnostic Technique or DDT since 2007.

Not that the above doesn’t include any structure survey which is down to the buyer to arrange.

Trying to decide if I should make an offer or not based on my question. The property was listed with 3 different agents (with 3 different prices!) and none of them had a report. Photos were good.

Ah, thanks for that tip @NotALot . What is the price range for a structural survey report?

I’ve no idea as I haven’t paid for one.

Ah… I thought you’d bought something… my mistake.

What sort of report are you looking for??

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Diagnostic report. Overall structural soundness and energy report. Back home we just call it an “inspection report”. Covers the pros and cons. So, if something is reported as as problem, you can request it to be fixed or, ask it to be dropped off the price.

Energy Diagnostique… yes… structural soundness, mmm not at all sure.

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Thank you! @ChrisK Very informative. Appreciated.

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Thanks Stella!

Certainly worth negotiating the price if something untoward is found… and ask the Notaire to enter a “clause suspensive” (if necessary) to ensure you know just what you are buying … if you get that far.

Thanks Stella, have been reading the link @ChrisK Chris sent. Very helpful as it is current and addresses many of my questions. Most of the stuff I have found out there seems pretty dated and if in English, aimed at UK peeps.

You guys are all awesome. Hopefully, I will get to meet some of you later this year!

The energy (DPE) report is necessary within one month of the property being advertised. The other diagnostics (electrical installation, asbestos, natural risks, termites, radon, fosse septique) have to be included in the compromis de vente. The buyers have to be aware of all of these and no notaire should allow a sale to proceed without them.

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What you are calling an inspection report is not used here. You get the diagnostics but often only when you make a firm offer as they cost in region of €1000 euros and need to be within 3 months.

If you want a building and structural survey you have to get it yourself. It will cost upwards of €400 depending on the house.

Instead here is the system of vice-caché which allows you to make a claim for hidden defects. Otherwise you just have to use yiu eyes and look at the condition of the roof, beams, external plaster etc etc

Certainly not: no annouce is allowed without the energy rating, and almost every sale has the diagnostic made before any offer is made. The diagnostics items will be valid over several years, which is enough to sell a house generally.

The link shows how long each diagnostique is “good for”… some for 6 months… some for 10 years… etc etc.


Pretty certain you can’t actually buy any property or land without some kind of report these days. Personally, I would hesitate to make even an offer on a house /flat/building without seeing at least the diagnostic report upfront. The whole point is to indicate the potential problems that the law requires a buyer to be aware of beforehand.

Stella, your link was for the new rules from next year :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Only the DPE has to accompany the advert, the rest can follow. And some only last 6 months (sorry, thought it was 3)

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