No more Mr. Nice Guy

Are we terrified?

Absolutely. :rainbow::jack_o_lantern::dark_sunglasses::no_entry::pirate_flag:
Some day, someone intelligent & a good sense of humor, will make a film out of this fiasco.

He never was a nice guy.
You are judged by the company you keep, Arron Banks and Donald Trump!

The fact that Forage is starting again could be a sign that Brexit is slipping away.

But why in heaven’s name are serious news platforms giving him air time? The new independent group actually have real MPs, and they hardly get more than a passing reference. He should just be ignored!


I see JRM’s sister has joined Farage’s party to stand in the European elections.

As for giving them airtime why not, let everyone see what a bunch of nutters they are and maybe some people will finally realise Brexit is not a good idea.

My hope is that they will split the extreme right wing vote and win very little.

To be fair they are at although it would have been sensible to register the other “obvious” domains to avoid embarrassing cyber squatting.

@tim17 isn’t that partly what got us into this mess in the first place? Farage got so much air time that Cameron got worried, and went for the referendum…

Me too.
I also hope that parties having to stay as a ‘broad church’ will be seen for the bad idea it really is.
Brexit will change UK politics and those who feel disenfranchised will perhaps be able to find their true home.
I have had an e-mail asking me if I want to be a candidate for the Independent Group, Change UK in any forthcoming European Elections, which is a bit of a joke as I cannot get them to accept a donation as they say I appear to be outside the UK.
I thought they were all for keeping us in the EU, but their website seems to have forgotten that there are UK citizens living in the EU.I have had to put pen to paper to get a response as to why I cannot donate.
Their criteria for donations states that I must be a UK citizen, which, of course, I am.
Just no response to my many e-mails.
I will keep you updated if I get a snail mail response.

Certainly worth a couple of minutes.



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By leaving theTories and joining the Brexit party Annunziata somehow managed to raise the average IQ of both. Now if only her Brother, Bertie Wooster-Mogg, could follow her lead. Estimates are that since the referendum he’s personally trousered 7 million from his (recently relocated to) Dublin based hedge fund betting against the UK.

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Obviously the moggman is only doing all this to expand his bank balance and push his skinny face into the limelight but Annunziata ??? That is a joke, right ?

Whatever the outcome of this whole horrible mess, the UK will be a bombsite for decades to come. Will someone please suspend Cameron from a tall tree by his nackers ? I’ll pay for the rope.

Whatever people think about JRM he’s not pushing Brexit just to increase his bank balance, the guy is already worth £100 million+ so I doubt he worries about where the next pound is coming from. The hedge fund he’s a shareholder in has not re-located to Dublin despite the media headlines to the contrary.

He’s pushing Brexshit because he is stuck in the 1800’s and thinks that we still ‘rule the waves’…

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You’re kidding Tim!! If there is one thing I know from years working as a Tax Adviser, the wealthiest are often the greediest and whatever they have is never enough. The lengths they will go to to save tax, often at huge risk, is baffling to mere mortals such as me.

I think this is one of the reasons they were so keen to leave the EU.

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JRM was born into money and married minor aristocracy (with wealth thrown in), I don’t believe he’s motivated to accumulate more and more just for the sake of it but that’s just my opinion.

He’s more an exponent of ‘wave the rules’

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