No more Mr. Nice Guy

Think his type always are.

The saying ‘it takes money to make money’ could well describe JRM and his ilk, coming from his background and with the career connections he’s made it would be difficult not to accumulate the wealth that he now has, factor in the marriage to an heiress and the guy can’t fail. He is unique though and I like him for that despite his thirst for Brexit, anyone who stands as a Tory candidate in a Scottish constituency in the year Blair swept to power deserves some respect whatever you think of him.


I doubt that ‘Gorbals Mick’ saw it that way :crazy_face:

He is a twat, I was at Oxford with him. Twat. End of.


He speaks very highly of you though Cat.:grinning:

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They don’t give you a safe seat straght away.
You have to establish some street cred.

Absolutely Cat and repeal The Act of Settlement too.

Of all the current MP’s I can’t believe JRM is bothered about ‘street cred’.:wink:

No, but you have to establish that with Central Office so that you are kept on the official list of candidates.

I did see Farage rather amusingly described as the turd that cannot be flushed.


The main thing I can’t understand about JRM is his devotion to Catholicism whilst Brexit is very much like a second Reformation. He is prepared to entrust his spiritual life, surely much more important to him than his temporal existence, to the oldest multinational organisation of all.

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That’s a very telling point indeed, Tom, and original too. Has anyone else made reference to this apparent intellectual inconsistency, or are you it’s only author?

Depends on the sort of ‘street’ I suppose? Can’t see too many of the current crop doing much ‘on the ground’ but then again the old ‘forelock tugging’ doesn’t seem to have left the English psyche does it?
'e’s a Toff inne? still seems well and truly in place.

Spot on Mandy! A classic example is this guy Ghosn ex-Renault chief. Massive (and deservedly so in my opinion for what he did with Renault and Datsun) of what? €15 MILLION a year? Still fiddles his expenses?
Beggars belief really doesn’t it - but I suppose at that level its just a uestion f how many noughts you add to the claims? The Rich really ARE different y’know.

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Talking about the rich …

Is this such a big deal though, as much of the land couldn’t be used by the general population for anything than recreation?

Mogg has the kind of face , supercilious voice and attitude that makes me want to punch him and keep on punching him until my arm drops off. You say he’s not bothered about making more money ? HA!! At a conservative (!) estimate, he’s made £7M since the vote. And no, I’m not a cloth-cap wearing communist but I absolutely loathe the man. When asked how he would leave the EU, he said “send them a letter and then just leave” which shows just how much he understands (or cares) just how much the UK and the EU have become intertwined in the last 47 years. I dislike Corbyn, but as a person he is far preferable to Mogg.

Disappointing Catherine. I thought the Forum discouraged personal abuse. There are other and better ways to post an opinion.

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If you’re going to tell someone off maybe try getting their name right!


Personal abuse of network members…

Last time I looked JRM hadn’t signed up.

If you are still ‘disappointed ‘ please do feel free to express yourself elsewhere.