No other Archers Fans,

(Bill Morgan) #1

I do admire, the fact that the series addresses current social subjects.

(Jane Jones) #2

I declare my right to remain silent…

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(Peter Bird) #3

Bang goes another 300 acres !

(Ann Coe) #4

My mum is an ardent fan, trouble is Radio 4 gets taken over by cricket and she gets so mad that she cannot follow the ‘story’ .
I know there is Ipod broadcast and all that but she is not computer literate and our internet connection is very poor at times …

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(Bill Morgan) #5

Exactly, now whos fault is that Brian???, Tom’s not an 'appy bunny :unamused:

(Bill Morgan) #6

I quite like the Croquet, but it is a bummer, I sympathize with Mum, at least, when I was sailing, the Shipping Forecast was not obliterated on LW, by a ‘Googley’, or a ‘Long On’, or an 'LBW:unamused:
Elizibeths kids, me oh my!, now hanky panky with the teacher, Freddie has more probs!!! It was never so complicated, when it started, I was about 6 :thinking:

(Jane Williamson) #7

The Archers was started to help Brits learn about farming and rural life.
It has now turned into a rural Eastenders and is the worse for it.

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(David Martin) #8

An internet radio is very simple. My Roberts model works just like a MW/FM radio, it just happens to have an internet option as well.
Coincidentally I heard the Archer’s yesterday afternoon for the first time in a long while and was pleased to be able to understand everything that was going on. I imagine that if I watched Coronation Street or Eastenders, two programmes I haven’t seen for a long, long, long, long, long time, I wouldn’t recognise any of the relationships between people or even many of the main characters.

(Jane Jones) #9

Could you download the episodes for her, or even the omnibus one and then she can listen without disruption?

(Peter Bird) #10

Which Roberts model do you have David ?

(David Martin) #11

A stream 207. I got it because it is portable although plugged into the mains most of the time.

(stella wood) #12

Got me excited for a minute… I’ve an old Roberts RP26-B … will it still work, I wonder… :relaxed:

(Teresa Shipley) #13

I bought a Roberts radio specifically to listen to Radio 4 here, I soon gave up.
Now I listen to the radio on the tv, much easier.

(Peter Bird) #14

Roberts, the Rolls Royce of radios.

(stella wood) #15

Mine was Father-in-Law’s… I kept it for sentimental reasons… and have just discovered it still works on the VHF frequencies… yippee… :relaxed:

(Peter Bird) #16

My oldest one just picks up MW - LW so retty useless in France tho’ I can get R4 most of the day. My ‘newer’ model has FM which is handy.
I think it’s time to join the 21st C so i’ll be looking at David’s model.

(Jane Williamson) #17

I think that is because it is pap.
Farming Today is a much better programme.

(Bill Morgan) #18

Get R4 FINE on LW on a wee Sony, on the boat I used to get the shipping forecast down as far as Cap St Vincent on LW.

(Peter Bird) #19

I used to get R4 shipping forecast well down in the Southern Atlantic Bill, depending on the time of day etc.
I used to pick up the UK coast stations on MW in the Indian Ocean and beyond too due to freak conditions in the ionisphere. I once recall picking up Humber Radio off Brisbane !!

(Bill Morgan) #20

Amazing what atmospherics produce Peter, I heard a PAN PAN at the Mull of Galloway once, originating off the Dutch Coast, on my boats wee VHF set.