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And unable for some reason to start a new topic there, my latest news will have to go here. This was my original contribution:

David Jr. arrived safely by plane from Thailand for the last time last night and messaged me on the train towards Nottingham. He loves Thailand but after many years it was time to move on. His next job in September is in Malaga so we might see more of him from now on, including a week or so here perhaps next month.

After several weeks and neary a fortnight into his new job in Malaga, he has been informed that he will be liable for 40% tax, something which as a family man he simply cannot afford.

It was already a drop in salary from his Thailand job so a further hit that is simply unsustainable.

The half good news bit is that his former employers in Thailand had kept his job open for him and are welcoming him back, but the other side of the coin is that he will have to take the family back to Wales, and leave them there for the foreseeable future.

So after 6 years apart, from me, and the joy of having him comparatively as a neighbour, we have to go back to Skype. :cry:

I am so sorry to hear this. I hope some other solution may be possible.

How annoying and frustrating for all of you, at least he can go back to his previous job though. But what a waste of time/ effort/ money on top of dashed hopes. :disappointed:

I’m sorry to read this David.

What a sad turn of events…

But at least you did get to spend some time with him before he set off again… :+1:

Yes at least we did get our week together here, the complications of his promised accommodation in the home of the bar owner, Jean-Claude (who forgot he was coming and went on holiday :roll_eyes:), and my reminder of what a laid back, it will all turn out ok and thus sometimes infuriating character he is. :rofl:

Also he got to spend several weeks with his son in Malaga, not sure if his estranged wife and daughter had chance to follow on as planned, so not all a waste of time. His higher salary and, one assumes, much lower tax level, in Thailand will allow him to spend next summer during the holidays back in Europe.

Still, very disappointing, I was looking forward to the occasional rdv using the direct Flixbus daily route between Bordeaux and Malaga, but better off than many so not all bad.

Just a thought… is 40% tax on earnings normal in Spain, it does seem rather high… ??

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My thoughts exactly, I am wondering if it has to do with his status as a foreigner, can hardly believe that a teacher’s salary attracts such an imposition. He has worked in many countries, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Bahrein as well as Thailand and this has never happened before.

Ah well… he’ll certainly know which questions to ask… before considering a post elsewhere :wink:

Oh what a shame David! Fingers crossed next summer works our for him to get back.

I was hit when I went back to Oz for 6 weeks to do some midwifery sgifts in 2016 with a 33% tax from first dollar as non tax resident. Meant each shift cost me 100aud when flights ect added up!

It that the Spanish equivalent of “emergency tax” because you don’t yet have a tax code issued?

Possibly, but I don’t think he can hang around long enough to find out. If we talk this afternoon I’ll mention it but I think things have moved on and I doubt he will want to endanger the job in Thailand, they obviously won’t hold it for ever.

Possibly “emergency” tax rate until he becomes tax resident?

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My little one, me and mum tested positive this morning!

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Oh Tory, so sorry to hear. Take care. Hope all of you have minimal symptoms.

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So sorry, Tory! You didn’t need that :frowning: Get well quickly :crossed_fingers:

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I’m sorry to hear that Tory. Hope you all recover quickly.

Oh no get well soon (if you aren’t feeling well) I hope you are negative again quickly!

Oh bugger, hope you all recover quickly

quite possible… and, if it is so, it’s a pity such was not clarified before he made the move…
ah well, now we understand why folk ask so many questions on SF… :wink: :wink: