Not in the EU so no S1 form

What happens when you dont have an S1 form as where you come from is not in the EU

Not sure what you mean by “what happens”.
Many people who do come from the EU dont have S1 forms either.
It may mean you have to take a different route to healthcare, if that’s what you’re asking.
But having an S1 is the exception probably rather than the norm, so nothing bad happens if you don’t have one.

such as early retirees,

We are early retirees and not from the eu. What is the other way of getting Carte vitale

We been given so many different versions of whats needed .

We get told by English help line , take things down to Montauban .

Go down get turned away.

Been told our documents need to be translated into french and other have said nothing need translating.

Hello Ann, am I right in thinking that you are not British? If so then what country/state/continent do you come from as there are different regulations/agreements between France and other countries ?


Hello Ann and Welcome to the Forum.

It would be useful if you could give us some details…

Which non-EU country are you from?

When did you arrive in France and on what sort of Visa??

Are you working or retired?

We are retired and come from Jersey but are not retiring age.

Just want a normal carte vitate which covers doctors dentisits etc.

Arrive November 2017

So, you arrived in November 2017… what papers did you provide for entry?

Have you applied for a Carte de Sejour to allow you to stay in France?

check out the link below using the Étranger d’un autre pays section…

After being here for 3 months you can apply to join the french health service as long as you have an income of around 9000€ a year. And then you pay annually a charge which is about 8% of any income above a threshold (also around 9000 a year).

As you are not from the EU you will have to have got your carte de séjour first to prove you have the right to be here. Perhaps that was the reason you were turned away - had you filled in this form? It has the information anoit what documents you need on eht back.

As for tramslations, we just wrote out a translation to look as official as possible, and they were ne er questioned.

Be aware that you may be asked how you have provided for your health cover from nov 17 up until now.

Thanks guys

We filled in the S1106 for as was told to by the English help line.

But still was asked about the S1 form.

Can someone please explain what an S1 form provides

Only for EU citizens though…

If you are in receipt of a UK state pension it basically provides the French health system somewhere to send the bill (i.e. the NHS).

Maybe what you need to do is provide CPAM with confirmation from your previous healthcare authority that you are no longer covered by them.Contactwhoever provided your healthcare in Jersey and ask them for a letter saying you are no longer entitled to that cover.
Basically CPAM needs to be sure that you’re not entitled to healthcare anywhere else, before it processes your application. It doesn’t want to enroll you into PUMA at your own expense, if in fact your native country should be paying your bills.

Hi Ann… why didn’t you/don’t you contact the Jersey Helpline… ??? You cannot be the first people from Jersey, wanting to settle in France… :thinking:

an English Helpline will surely only apply to English people… :zipper_mouth_face:

Have you lived/worked in UK… long enough to earn any UK health rights ??
(I am wondering if you completed the correct section of the S1106 :thinking:)

It’s an English language helpline not a helpline for English people. There is likely to be some confusion as having got their head around the fact that many English people might actually not be English at all but Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish, an individual at CPAM might be surprised to find that some English people who come from the Channel Islands aren’t actually E.U. citizens.


Not just the CPAM, the folk at the impôts also tend to ‘lump’ us all under the heading of ‘les anglais’ rather than ‘les britanniques’ but who can blame them ? Throw in les Iles Anglo-normandes and it’s a real headache for all concerned.

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Quite so… but I reckon you only need to say “Je ne suis pas Britanniques” … "Je ne suis pas European " … or whatever…:thinking:

When in French company… I am often asked if I am Dutch… because of my bizarre accent :roll_eyes::hushed::relaxed:

Hi Ann
Late reply sorry.

My wife and I are from Jersey, did you get your carte Vitale sorted out, if so, I’d appreciate a heads up as to how to go about obtaining it. we are in the same sort of situation, although both retired, it’s a nightmare. Regards Tony

Hi Anthony and welcome to the forum

Please could you amend your registration to show First and Last Name (full name)…

if you’re not sure how to do that… simply put your full name here and I’ll do it for you.


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