Not sure if I understand the relationship which parents have with their children

That is exactly it.

Children brought up in UK are amazing me ....THEY are so spoilt...and appear to be selfish

Unfortunately I don't think peacocks are trainable, otherwise why do they make that dreadful noise in the early mornings.

Our eldest daughter used to call the badly behaved children she saw in the supermarket, trunk children. ie.they should be put in one.

We used the crying method when our grandson used to bite his mum when they were staying with us.

It really worked, he hated it when his mum was upset and it stopped totally after three days.

I really just don't have the energy to be as dramatic back. most know me for how serious and droll I am with kids. I don't see the point in talking to them like teletubbies, or like that hight pitched voice people use for puppies, so I just talk to them like they're other people, and it seems to work.

Screeching is another thing that makes me want to just curl up and die. This thing of just running around mindlessly screeching a high pitched screech at the top of their lungs. French kids do it a lot too, only they do it in the bloody restaurant where people are trying to have a quiet dinner. My opinion is, if you're not cut open, having a heart attack, being kidnapped, or threatened, shut the hell up. Otherwise the whole boy who cried wolf scenario comes into play.

We have one cat that gives her a good run for her money when she comes.

I love Charlie, trouble is, it doesn't happen half enough that brat kids get what's coming. My godson is so "odd" when compared with these other children. He is polite, speaks when spoken to, always offers anything he has around to others before himself, has on occasion, rescued animals out and about in the garden, and can be trusted to go into a shed full of potentially dangerous tools, because he will go in, get his mini-battery operated car, and bring it straight out without feeling the need to get tangled up in fishing hooks, or bothering the cat that just had kittens. He reall is a GOOD child.

I would suggest to your friend she buys a nice big that has an appetite for children....the tiger isnt stupid enough to put up with bad behaviour and will just eat the little monster....just like Charlie and the Chocolate factory...problem solved!

Jane...I am fit to bust laughing...brilliant..!!!! maybe we could train peacocks to crap on unpleasant children...think...willy coudl be a Godsend...all those naughty little people having major tantrums having been crapped on...brilliant...!!!!! crack me up....a woman after my own heart...!

I hate suggesting to parents...I am 57 and my kids are pretty grown up....but...if you want to hear...then I was strict with my kids for certain rules were made up for fun...I didnt care about a lot of stuff...but manners were hugely important...the way they treated others was paramount...they were taught never to cause hurt to it a human or animal. They were taught that kindness and understanding was what made them human...and that never, ever ,ever would we excuse bad behaviour. I couldnt have cared less about late nights...making a mess, not cleaning their rooms, wearing weird clothes blah blah blah.....but they were always made accountable for their actions. I think I have 3 pretty fit adults out there...they stayed up late, they swore...they wore grungy clothes...went to hippy pop festivals...and all got great degrees and have made first class no apologies for my part....

Oh I'm happy - I thought I was a raving lunatic. Many a time I've been out on the street or in a shop and when the "But I want..." starts I'll stamp my foot on the floor, scrunch my face and do 'wah wah I want'. He looks at me in horror. Marvellous.

I don't bother.. I just let them cry. Usually it's because their helium baloon took off, or their ice cream fell off the cone. Crying for sh1t like that really irritates me.

Try cryface with her....its amazing..I am very naughty with kids...I am a trained kids nurse...and I found years one and be if a kid looks like they will cry....I do the loud noises and a really scarey hilarious the way they stop what they are doing and watch works...try it. Then when you calm down you can get them to do what you want...

Absolutely Barbara!!


....if only the Peacocks had done what what Jane had hoped

That made me laugh: "Quick, the worst one's coming". It shows it was already in his head to start behaving immediately or else! Much better reaction than 'yeah, whatever' I must say.

As Grandpa is only over for a visit from the UK I think he wants to spoil the kids and not be the bad guy. Unfortunately for the little girl, that doesn't apply to me. If she wants to play with my son, they will both behave properly. End of.

I love children to run around, use up endless energy and get filthy dirty if need be - that's what washing machines are for. But there are also dangers to be avoided and rules to be followed which I'm not sure she's aware of as she seems pretty much left to her own devices. She often tries 'cry face' but that doesn't wash with me, neither does the fact that at the moment my son thinks what she does is funny so follows suit. I'm trying to teach my kid right from wrong and respect. Hopefully if the little girl doesn't learn elsewhere, she will learn from being around us.

That would have been interesting Jane, and the parents demanding compensation I would imagine.

It's a shame that the peacocks didn't sh- t upon them, they can make an awaful mess, as I know to my cost as one crapped upon my car door handle, and it took an awful lot of washing off before I could get in and drive away!!

Would have enjoyed that little confrontation Barbara...sound like horrible parents....and naturally...horrid kids. Peacocks can be pretty sure they wouldnt have been too happy if the peacocks had a go at their kids...

Agree kids got smacked bottoms...were sent to their rooms, no sweets etc as punishments. But then my kids are in their early 30s and at school could also be punished...which is not possible in the UK anymore....parenting doesnt seem to come naturally to some...and I can sympathise with Barbara's comment about young people demanding extras when they wed as a right....some people didnt benefit from parents who were not able to bring up children...who thought their little darlings should be allowed everything they asked for. My brother and his wife have a four year old....and are good with discipline; when their little boy smacked another child at playschool he was punished and made to apologise; my brother explained to him once home why what he did was wrong...and asked him how he would have felt if a naughty boy smacked him....the point was he understood what he did was wrong...4 - 5 years I believe is when children begin to think logically. Its as important to explain why what they do is wrong as to either ignore their behaviour or to just scream no.

think you have the treatment here Catherine...thats what I would use! my daughter, a teacher of secondary age school has been told to F off regularly...has sent the kid home and had the parents at the school in five minutes also telling her to F off. There are some pretty awful elements out there...but until people are willing to call these kids and their parents to continues. As someone who enjoys confrontation...(probably says something awful about me)....but lets say my dad was my hero...and we both loved John Wayne....I will always wade in...causes my husband a lot of stress....but assume my many years of judo and self defence will keep me safe.