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Hello all, can you tell me what experiences you have had with nut allergy in France please? I gather it’s less common here than in the UK - our French friends are unaware of it. Our granddaughter is severely allergic, so looking for hints on, literally, how she will survive France. I’m guessing to avoid restaurants, bakeries and pre-prepared food. Any other ideas ? Also, her parents are hoping to bring food for her with them, they will be travelling from the UK by car via Spain, does this sound feasible ?

Odd, people round us are perfectly aware of the issue! Maybe we are more sensitive as OH is vegetarian and D is vegan. Approx same numbers in France as in the UK.

Presumably if she is severely allergic she is limited in her home country too, as restaurants, bakeries and pre-prepared food can never be guaranteed 100%. So not much different here. If you want to go to a restaurant best to phone ahead and quiz them on their plats sans risque.

They can bring any food that is not prohibited, so not meat and dairy. And presumably has her own epi-pens that needs to bring with her prescription.

Just wondering if they are not understanding your French… ??? :wink: :roll_eyes:
Allergie aux fruits à coque…
Seriously, nut allergy is definitely well-known here in France… along with other varieties.
Our School Group has at least one child with allergies, since I was a fly-on-the-wall when folk were discussing the menus for school lunches.

Do you know which nuts… (peanuts??) or are all just as bad??

As has been said… make sure she has her medication at all times and perhaps something written (in French) perhaps with pictures… which identifies her allergy… something which can be shown to any French eatery if they wish to risk using such places…

I certainly wouldn’t buy any packet stuff… so many are marked that there is a “risque…” of this that and the other…

the link is in French, although it comes here as German (sorry)

Phew… I do hope they have a happy time, despite all this…

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Thanks Stella that’s helpful. No it’s not my French that’s the issue. People I have mentioned it to are aware of food allergies obviously but not anaphylaxis, the possibility of cross-contamination etc. I guess unless someone close to you is personally affected you don’t necessarily think about it. The unfortunate child is allergic to all nuts, even touching a skin product that contains nut oil.

Thanks Jane that’s helpful

Maybe consider carrying an EpiPen.

Definitely. She doesn’t go anywhere without the epipen

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Always surprised me as a lot kf nuts, like peanuts are seeds.
My friend is also allergic and I specifically requested a birthday cake without any nuts (or seeds) but they still baked it with pistachio’s in so be very careful.
Hope you can get some treatment for her soon as there are desensitising centres around.

Children and young people set to benefit from new treatment for peanut allergy | News | News | NICE(made%20by%20Aimmune%20Therapeutics,after%20being%20exposed%20to%20peanut.

This highlights what I’m concerned about really, places where their knowledge about nut allergies is incomplete ! It looks like the best solution is to be equipped with something in writing as Stella suggests, but listing all the nuts that she is allergic to, plus not just nuts but nut products and traces.

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Here’s an update on this issue in case it’s of help to anyone.
Our granddaughter’s holiday went without any problems despite her nut allergy. Restaurants were happy to discuss the problem and show us their cahier d’allergènes which they are all obliged to have. Our local boulangerie likewise showed us their ingredients list and told us what had been prepared at the same time as the thing we wanted to buy. In supermarkets we found everything clearly labelled. The only problem - nothing to do with France - is that the child is so aware of her allergy that she sometimes refuses to eat in unfamiliar settings or when the food is not exactly what she is used to. The answer - the place she feels completely safe - is McDo !

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The fact she feels comfortable in Mc s is probably to do with the fact that it’s familiar and safe food,the poor child has enough problems without people trying to screw up where she feels safe An occasional Maccy ds won’t take her down the wobbly road


The reason she feels comfortable is because it’s familiar from home i.e the UK.
Your post was unhelpful and unkind.
Izzy x


Exactly and she isn’t worried it will make her ill
I have close relatives with nut allergy issues, it’s a nightmare for adults for children it must be horrific


Yes no doubt it was but its the truth look around at the world of Mac D’s sugar ladden rubbish and the rates of diabetes. Time to tackle the allergy as that is curable in a lot of cases with the right people.
Sometimes the truth is a little uncomfortable but its still the truth.

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There are many worse things than a MacDo. If one avoids the chips and sauces then it’s better than other cheap food. Their plain burger or chicken salad are not bad options.


Have you actually read that article? Reduce the effects in some children does not equal can be cured

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I know that correlation ≠ causation but food allergies and processed food consumption do seem to have risen at similar rates in the same time scale.

Dr. Tim Spector leads the Zoe Project which has overseen and coordinated some very interesting work concerning the development of the gut biome.


Well try doing nothing and see where that gets you. Every step is a positive move in my book but then I look on the bright side.

For goodness sake they were on holiday in a foreign country and wanted their daughter to enjoy herself and feel safe.
I believe you may be a little obsessed with what other people are eating!!
Izzy x