Oh dear Mr Biden

He hasn’t been in the job for long but that nice Mr Biden , who saved us or maybe postponed another four hellish years of Trump is already making his mark.
A few weeks back he authorized US bombing in Syria and now he’s accusing Mr Putin of all sorts of nasty things.
Is this what the rest of the world really needs ?

Well, for many of us, he’s setting the right tone. I might not agree with everything he does or is doing, but at least the general tone in American politics is softening. Thus far, his primary achievement has been taking control of Covid-19, which has been a complete blessing. We hit 100 million vaccinations in less than 50 days, which, in my opinion, is quite remarkable. If everything goes according to plan, we will have enough vaccines for everyone by May and it looks like vaccinations will be more or less complete by mid-summer. Now, if he only could do something about the border!

He’s simply published the existing FBI report on Russian attempts to influence the 2016 and 2020 US elections that Trump had not merely refused to publish, but had actually disparaged.

Furthermore, they’ve also published details ofthe Iranian government’s fake Proud Boys’ posts, which were intended to use reverse psychology to encourage people to vote for Biden.

What’s wrong with all that?


His handling of the pandemic has been very good and credit to him after the hassle he had with Trump.

I.m not convinced the world is a safer place with Biden or, any safer than it was under his predecessor.

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It definitely won’t be a safe for the likes of you and me if Russia and china are allowed to walk all over the rest of the world.

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The Kremlin seems to have summed it up.

« Biden clearly does not want to improve relations »

Meanwhile , talks between China and the US start today as the US want China to convince NKorea to ease upon their nuclear weapons. This seems pretty pointless when the yanks have no intention of cutting their nuclear arsenal.

I wouldnt worry too much about Biden, he will be wheeled out the door within the year and Harris will be at the helm, that is the time to start worrying.

Why all these insinuations regarding his health?

Medical professionals say evaluating Biden’s chronological age is not the best way to tell whether he should be president.

The report from Kevin O’Connor, DO, associate professor of Medicine at George Washington University, called Biden “vigorous” and fit to successfully be president.

“An older person who has an active lifestyle and is consistently being challenged cognitively can fulfill those duties,” says Richard Dupee, MD, chief of geriatrics at Tufts Medical Center. “Someone who is 95 could have the memory of someone who is several decades younger.”

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If we’re lucky then we may get President Harris, yes!

Also remarkable to see such ageism on a site seemingly largely frequented by pensioners, and replacing one senile old lunatic with potentially another doesn’t actually seem to make the situation worse, just more of the same.


Kirsten, I’m not being ageist, read my posts. However old he is all I can see is a more intimidatory approach to the presidency after Trump. It’s difficult to see how Biden can for example have personal meetings with Kim Jong il as Trump did. It seems to me he is more confrontational.

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I did not suggest you specifically were @Peter_Bird! I do read all your posts, and generally disagree very strongly with your opinions, but my comments in relation to age were these constant suggestions that he was somehow senile, or at deaths door, and that in 6 months they’d ship him off to die and bring in Harris that have repeatedly come up since before he was even nominated as the democratic candidate, not directed at your OP specifically. The comment above mine also speaks to this notion that he is too old or ‘not all there’, so it’s not only me frustrated with this idea.:grinning:

Also, it’s Kirstea, not Kirsten, but I’ll forgive you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

particularly as he’s dead :thinking:


Yes, that would be rather tricky…


Sorry Kirstea I did write it correctly but the spell check changed the a for an n, honestly.

I don’t t have a problem with Biden or anyone else and their age but I do find the approach rather undiplomatic. Trump seemed to approach the various situations differently with the major leaders.

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I’m curious, are you pro Trump Peter???

Not at all Tory ,it’s just bombing Syria and slagging off Putin and the North Korean regime doesn’t bode well for world peace imo !

Trump’s meetngs with NK had lots of publicity, but achieved absolutely nothing - much like the rest of his presidency. Apropos which, there’s a hilarious(?) story inthis week’s NYT about how the roads that Trump’s wall building contractors blasted through a mountainous national park to get their fence materials to the border are now being used by people smugglers in a part of the US Mexico border that was previously fairly inaccessible! Sorry but I can no longer find the link.

However, returning to your post, why should Biden want to prioritise NK? N Koreans make a lot of noise, but they’re a basket case regime that’s incredibly unimportant in terms of global politics. If they ever got out of hand, China would instantly pull the plug on the regime and it would collapse. This is because the Chinese would not want the potential instability affecting their lucrative trade with the rest of the world. Instead, N Korea would be s urreptitiously absorbed into China.


Biden is obviously prioritizing N Korea by having talks with China.

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Sorry, but I think NK is probably the least important aspect of Biden’s talks. China is the new -‘workshop of the world’ and unless you’re incredibly careful most non-food/drink/garden items that you buy are probably made in China.

I began working with Chinese artists in 2005 and slowly began to realise the economic scale and power of China. I’ve published a few book chapters on the subject, but it remains hard for Europeans to grasp the scale of what isactuallly happening in China *

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Would it make any difference to you if he was. In a year or so, many who kissed the ground Biden walked upon will be wishing they hadnt. Actually its starting now too creep in. From 1.9 Tr covid relief bill only 9 percent is for Covid related issues, the rest is for other projects with no relation to covid, such as an underpass outside Granny pelosi font door and for high tech and greenies in California. What about the “cages” installed by Obama, these were shut down or reduced by Trump (due to outrages by the Dems) only to be immediately reopened by Biden. What about Harris funding the bail for arrested rioters and pilferers during the riots in the Snowflake cities. Biden is on his way out (both physically and mentally)so that Harris can get on the throne.