Oh for Some Quality TV without Violence!

Not sure if this is small talk or “culture” - probably not the latter, not high brow enough.
By the end of a busy day all I want to do is flop in front of the TV and watch a good drama series that isn’t riddled with gory violence or so inane that I lose the will to live.
I watched the first series of Killing Eve (mostly from behind the sofa) - and when the second started I just thought “why am I putting myself through this?” Same with Peaky Blinders (watched two minutes) and no, not the Sopranos, however good the writing or acting .
I thought Netflix would be the answer, but there’s so little there of interest and again, so much violence! Is society becoming immune to it? Like adding sugar to foodstuffs, the quantities have to go up and up to get the same “hit”.
I love Vera, violence kept to minimum, superb acting with a brilliant lead character, excellent dialogue. glorious scenery in a part of the country I don’t know, but I’ve seen every episode at least twice and it does slightly take the edge off when you already know the denouement!
Adored The West Wing - such fabulous writing and could watch Martin Sheen play Jed Bartlett forever. But we’ve been through the box set three times already and I need a few years before I can face a fourth.
To my surprise I’ve just watched Downton Abbey in its entirety (on Amazon) every night and really enjoyed it - interesting plot lines. good acting, fabulous locations, gorgeous costumes and cars and telling me stuff about the beginning of the 20th century that I didn’t know. I’m four episodes away from the end and will feel quite bereft.
Can anyone recommend a replacement please that I can just enjoy at the end of my day and I won’t go to bed feeling queasy.

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Try The Good Wife or Revenge. Both American but loved them. If you liked Downton Abbey then maybe The Crown or Victoria.

I’m watching Keeping Faith at the moment. Brilliant stuff and first series is on BBC iPlayer.

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Try watching some French TV for a change.
I particularly like ARTE (chaine 5) - some really excellent cultural/wild life programs on there sponsored by both French and German TV companies (so broadcast in French dubbed/subtitled when the original is non French).


One of my daughters did 4 months’ work experience with them, ARTE is completely bilingual, based in Strasbourg and fascinating, it is a really good example of European cross-border creative cooperation.

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The Good Wife - yes, watched twice. Keeping Faith I’ll try thanks Mandy.
Graham and Vero, thanks, but Arte and the like isn’t what I’m looking for - cultural/wildlife I can watch for a bit, but what grabs me is good drama, strong acting, intelligent story lines.

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Keeping Faith has kept me gripped. Interestingly, it was filmed in both Welsh and English and shown in Welsh first. The female lead, Eve Myles, had to learn Welsh to play the part!

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They have drama too, look under séries et fictions. Obv if you aren’t comfortable enough in French or German it isn’t much use. (I am not casting aspersions on your personal command of French or German, it is a general ‘you’).

but by the same token @vero it greatly helps in developing your mauvais français - pictures speak louder than words!

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we’re currently laughing our way through As Time Goes By - Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer.

Thanks Vero but I have to confess though I speak some French it’s not how I relax after a busy day - feels too much like homework!

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We have got The Count of Monte Cristo in French and a few others - which we thoroughly enjoy…Louis De Funès et Bourvil did some super stuff. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sounds exactly like “Alerte Cobra, un duo explosif”

Worth a watch

Baron Noir (English subtitles) with Kad Merad excellent stuff - 2 series 3rd one currently being filmed.

The Good Fight is magnificent especially the last series which is contemporary, highly amusing and Michael Sheen is, as always, wonderful.

Mr Selfridge helped us with our Downton Abbey addiction.

Just finished 1st series of Succession with Brian Cox - beautifully acted and so well written.

Hope this helps Sue - There are some more - when my memory allows l will post details.

Happy and Relaxed viewing​:blush::blush::blush:

I’ve just started working my way through Jed Mercurio’s series “bodies” that’s on iplayer. It’s bloody, because it’s largely set in a hospital gynae ward and there are bad guys a plenty, but I’m finding it quite absorbing (but I do love line of duty…).

Or have you tried Gentleman Jack? Very irritating music but has a certain interest if you like period drama.

Oooh Dan no - not The Good Fight! Can’t bear it and sooo disappointed after The Good Wife. I couldn’t bear it from the moment the actress who played the maid in Downton appeared - so affected - just agony. And I find it all too clever/pleased with itself in a way that just wasn’t there with TGW. But the rest sounds interesting.
And thanks to everyone else for your suggestions. Looks like there is a viewing life after Downton. :smiley:
I await the next series of The Crown with eager anticipation, especially as Olivia Coleman is taking over - just a brilliant actress.
Just one question re watching past series on BBC i-player. As we are in France we use a VPN to watch on our computers, but that’s not the same as lounging on the sofa late at night in front of the smart TV. Is there any way I can get the TV to connect to i-player? (Roll on the day when the BBC becomes a subscription channel to be watched anywhere in the world.)

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I think there is but sounds very technical to me! We just connect the computer to the TV.

Thanks Poppy I didn’t realise we could just do that. Does it look ok?

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Just need an HDMI cable from your computer to the tv. Quality of picture is great. Just out of Interest which VPN do you use - We used tunnel bear until we lost iplayer, been looking for a new one ever since.

As Dan said, just connect the computer to your TV using an HDMI cable. Might have to do something twiddly with the computer but we used to do it all the time.

If you have Prime video The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is not violent. I really enjoyed it.

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