Olympic chat

I'm not much of a sports fan (unless I've got a bet on!) but very much enjoyed the three day eventing from Greenwich park via BBC iPlayer, what have you been watching and how?

ha ha = actually I think I'd only want to go on a boat if it was docked - not a keen sailor myself - not got good sea legs :(

We've been watching it from the big screen in the so called 'millionaires playground' in Canary Wharf. Keep hoping for an invite onto one of the superyachts but so far I think having 3 budding young athletes practicing their 100m sprint around the dockside has put them off.

I heard George Clooney was on the Seanna and the Danish Royal family on one of the other boats - but they obviously only come out after 7pm bedtime as I've camped out there many a day now and not seen any of them.

The crew on the Sea Bluez are very friendly and as they're usually docked in the South of France I've been chatting to them about where they live, buying houses in France (one young couple are currently going through the process and shocked at Notaires fees) and bilingual kids. ![](upload://4JUVq61qHaOWGDO4PmdKSr1Gu4u.JPG)The dock is the liveliest it's been since before the 1980's and with all the foreign visitors and Olympic Volunteers it's more like a holiday destination right now rather than a city of suits. I have hardly seen any suits all week!

This is the German party boat - docked below our balcony

The girls have been enjoying watching the early evening partying - especially the opening party. The boat is called the German Champions Club.

It certainly feels like London is in full on party mode right now!


Yes, I notice Montfort has picked up a nickname Nelson "Mets-le-son-moins-fort"! I hate him even more than Godart.

Ha ha Terry, OK he isn' the best but he's a lot better than Nelson's !

Ah but cycling has it's own "star", the obsequious Jean-René Godart who makes me squirm every time I hear his voice!

Cycling, of course (being a big Tour de F fan) - now really enjoying track cycling for the first time. Archery (done a bit!) and thoroughly enjoying my first experience of sailing. Not really interested in the track and field athletics, but might watch the Men's 800m & 1500m since a family member competed in both in the 1908 London Olympics.

Enjoying the whole thing on Sky. The BBC have (for once) done a superb job of covering every sport thro' the use of "the red button". I like the way they've made the effort to explain the rules and tactics of the less popular sports. The ladies beach volley ball is of course top viewing for blokes ! Currently following Andy Murray's success in the tennis but also enjoying swimming, horse-riding, bikes. Looking forward to the spear chucking and running.

I watched the end of the opening ceremony (because I'd forgotten what time it started !!!), and since then selected sports I've always followed: cycling/boating/archery/etc: and some where the 'pundits' said GB had a chance of a medal (not always correctly!). But the tv is switched on, over there in the corner of the room, virtually 24/7, whether it's the Olympics, drama/comedy series, NCIS, a news channel, or music videos...

I live in the bottom of a 50-metre deep valley (shouldn't have wanted a water-mill... lol!), so have zero reception of French terrestrial TV; instead of which, the house resembles Goonhilly Downs - I have a total of 4 satellite dishes ! Three fixed dishes:- one for Sky digital services, one for French TV, a more-or-less redundant one I'll eventually point somewhere else, and a motorised one for when there's nothing to watch on any of the first three !

Yep - agree with Brian Installed expat shield, and thankfully I spotted very quickly that it had screwed up something, so immediately uninstalled it.

Beverley, careful with expat shield, it kills things. My YouTube, Realplayer and other things bit by bit seized up. Until I deleted expat shield entirely, then they all worked again...

I downloaded expat shield on my computer, so I can access ITV + ITV player, and BBC iplayer. I cannot watch BBC w/o paying a premium.....but the others are cost free. I'm an American, and have been happy watching everything on French TV as well (even if I can't understand all the blah/blah). I especially like the recap on BBC iplayer, which focuses on GB medals...but interesting coverage and commentary. I've discovered quite a few sports I never knew much about, and it's such a joy to watch the athletes perform! Great job London!

No, haven;t seen any of it. Don't use the TV, despite having one gathering dust, and making the most of being able to get on with work in the garden.

No. I don't watch the Olympic Games at all, or anything at all sporty. No interest to me whatsoever.

BBC via Freesat. Enjoying everything I have watched (it has to fit in with work) I think it's a great chance to watch stuff that you normally wouldn't even hear about. AND -- it's good "good news" tv for a change, despite the media hunting for stuff that might go wrong - transport etc - what's the matter with these people!?!?!?

Difficult not to really. First it takes up half of the normal news, to be followed by a dedicated programme. Then, joy of joys, BBC World are also doing a feature on Olympic games of the past!!! As you can guess I am not much of a sports fan, or at least in such large doses. Never mind, football will be starting again soon...!!!

But to answer the question - French TV, SKY News, France 24 and BBC World through the satellite dish.

Glued to Archery. Son is watching for technique tips and is after new equipment!!! Can see the pound signs racking up!!!

Found the Fencing very boring though, was expecting a bit of Errol Flynn type action, but just seemed to be jump forward jab and shout!!

Did also spend a great deal of time last night trying to fathom out the windsurfing!

All on the red button.

We use satellite broadband Sally, we get super fast speed and a UK ip address here

With so much TV worth watching we're very pleased with it!

Hubby , recovering from an MI, is watching on the red button all day! Drs orders to rest!
… Have heard the national anthem twice today, not sure if that was a repeated viewing of a medal ceremony or not. As an ex-swimmer have loved the swimming coverage, think a certain M. Phelps is an amazing athlete, but am looking forward to cheering Becky on in the 800 tonight!