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Sooo… Who was it in this thread that claimed the royal family was not racist?

The Queen’s chief financial manager informed civil servants that “it was not, in fact, the practice to appoint coloured immigrants or foreigners” to clerical roles in the royal household, although they were permitted to work as domestic servants.

That’s a bit of stretch Geof to suggest that the Royal Family are racist because of some papers from the 1960’s. No suggestion here that the Queen herself or the family had anything to do with these ‘rules’.
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Papers from the end of the 1960s that we know were still applied in the 1970s - and no evidence of their not reflecting royal policy and practice over many years. Indeed, all the evidence in this thread has been on one side, hasn’t it? The statements of various royals including the queen over the years, the links with fascism (again including the queen), Meghan and Harry’s testimony from inside, etc, etc…

The ‘that was a different time’ defence won’t wash either, I’m afraid. It’s used habitually in defence of racial slavery and colonialism - except that the true history here is that people always knew they were wrong. Read the contemporary accounts.
At the very time UK royals were giving nazi salutes right-minded Brits were out fighting fascism in Spain - many paying with their lives. Of course people knew what was right and wrong.
I was a child in the 60s, but remember them well - the height of the black civil rights movement in America, Martin Luther King’s speeches all over television, etc - and the 70s, when I went to university - Black Power, the Mangrove 9 trials, Rock Against racism, etc. etc… These were huge, dominant issues in those days - nobody was unaware of what was happening, and nobody should be excused for not knowing right from wrong in that time’s own terms.

As I said earlier in the thread, I don’t know any royals so can’t judge who’s telling the truth on that basis - but I do know whose version is consistent with all the other evidence we have. So where is the actual evidence that casts doubt on Meghan’s first-hand account?

Meghan lived in a world she did not understand and, it seemed, made no attempt to.
I find it very telling that she thought she could just waltz into Windsor for a coffee with her mother and her mother telling Meghan that she was being kept a prisoner.
This just goes to show just how little she understood her place after her marriage to Harry.

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You want a lack of evidence. How does that work?

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The point is that there is evidence of racism Irene. Lots of it - documentary, recordings, witnesses - and some of it does involve the royal family.
What’s lacking is any evidence for your implication that it ceased at some past time, or didn’t involve the queen.
I can’t see why evidence of this - if it were indeed true - would be lacking: some clear strong action or statement of anti-racism, for example - or a public dissociation from the clearly racist history of the monarchy - or a simple apology for racist words, incidents, policies, or employment practices in the royal household.

Megan is no stranger to power but the Royal Society is far more dynamic than any actress
Look how easily Andrew has slipped through the net. Perhaps Megan felt weak and insignificant in her Royal role.