Open UK Bank account


I have been a resident of France for 5 years and wish to be able to open a UK bank account (as I closed mine when I left) but I just cannot see how to do it without living in UK! I have a cheque in sterling for a substantial sum but nowhere to put it.

Can anybody give me some advice?


Why not take it into your French bank and ask to pay it in there… they will give you a rate and possibly make a charge… have you tried this???

A friend has recently been able to open a current account with Santander UK.

They will give him a terrible rate Stella!

Contact TORFX, they may be able to handle it for you

Hi Gary
I think that Transferwise can offer a ‘flexible’ online account in the curency of your choice.
I have used them for transfers between the UK and France and have been very happy with their service.
I am sure that others on here will be able to help …

You can put it in my UK bank account Gary :wink:

Yes, I have the ability but lack the will :wink:

Sorry. I should have said that I intend to return to UK in very near future and obviously need a UK account.

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I’ve no idea… I was grasping at straws… I’m glad you mentioned TORFIX… I’d forgotten them.

Have you tried First Direct, I find them very flexible and understanding (for a bank anyway!)

Revolut - app based, multi currency, mastercard, virtual card/s, and ability to have UK sort code / account number - plus lots of other things. Brilliant!

Used to bank with them and I really rated them but already asked and told me a need to be a resident

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Cheque deposit?

Nope. Checked (ah-hem). Ta anyway.

Mmm, tricky! I suppose it’s down to KYC and AML regulations in which case all banks will give you the same response.

Cheques? What are they ?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Come on - anyone with internet access can make an online transfer…

I think 2 choices - either:

  1. Open Revolut account and get money transferred from company who issued cheque and get rid of cheque. But a bit nervous of this as I don’t know who Revolut are.

  2. Pay cheque into mate’s account (his brother’s a priest!) and then transfer money to online account

Revolut are part of Transferwise, as legit as any bank imo.

  1. is risky and looks dodgy!

I’m sure your mate is trustworthy btw, it’s just asking for investigation by the banks involved.

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Yep - use both - the Transferwise borderless account is excellent!