Opinion: John Bercow is itching to stop Brexit – and he might just succeed


He knows parliamentary procedure inside out. If anyone can throw a spanner in bozos works, he can. But he has very little time because undoubtedly he will not be the speaker in October.

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He certainly threw the toolbox in Mrs May’s works thats for sure, and i am sure that Mr Johnson knows this.
Mr Bercow is contrary to his position as speaker of the house, is a very biased individual as he proved in numerous descisions he made earlier in the year. I am sure Mr Johnson will be aware of his “clout” and make arrangements to have him removed from his post.

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I do hope not.


[quote] I am sure Mr Johnson will be aware of his “clout” and make arrangements to have him removed from his post.

That sounds to me very close to gangsterism, @Rocam. Was that your intention? Have you kissed the Godfather’s hand?

I think it IS gangsterism, coupled with a brazen sense of entitlement. The present British government is just a bunch of carpetbaggers, shameless snout-in-trough profiteers.


You did it again!!! :joy:

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Surely he made sure that the government didn’t bypass parliament over issues of national importance. He didn’t once lie or break the rules. Do I sense just a little bit of bias?


Not from me.

Mr Bercow’s ‘outrage’ might have been more convincing were it not for his long record of interpreting parliamentary rules and conventions in ways that favour the Remain side. In January, he defied convention and overruled his officials by allowing a vote on an amendment which forced Prime Minister Theresa May to present an EU Withdrawal Bill ‘Plan B’ to MPs after they rejected her deal.

Mr Bercow admitted he had flouted precedent, adding: ‘If we were guided only by precedent, manifestly nothing in our procedures would ever change… I have made an honest judgment.’

He later prevented MPs from voting on a Brexiteer amendment which specifically ruled out a second referendum – even though it had been signed by 127 MPs.

In March, when Mrs May was desperately trying to get her Bill through the Commons at the third attempt, Mr Bercow, seeking to block the vote, was a stickler for precedent. He ruled that MPs could not vote because the motion was substantially unchanged.

So as I see it its a case of “do as i say, not what I do” or in other words “Hypocrite” But then as Vero so aptly put it “a bunch of carpetbaggers, shameless snout-in-trough profiteers” which i extrapolate to all the MPs.


Only in the sense that he has worked to enable parliamentary scrutiny rather than just letting the government push through anything it wants unchallenged.

I guess that you are in the camp who voted leave to “return sovereignty to parliament” then branded judges “enemies of the people” for ruling that parliament should actually  exercise that sovereignty.


I think a majority of people in the UK now accept the result and just want Brexit to happen so that the country can move forward, the problem is the guy in charge (and his masters) want the hardest Brexit possible ie ‘no-deal’ which is not what the 17.4 million voted for as even they realise it will lead to economic disaster, therefore Bercow should do what ever he can to stop this.


I agree with your comment. As to a looming economic disaster, well we havent left yet so no one really knows, just assume. The fact that Mr Bercow deems it relevant to call it an outrage when he himself has no room to talk on the actions of others is what cheeses me off.

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I do tend to the leave side but i dont brand judges “enemies” for excercising their judicial powers. I consider both sides arguments. There are good ones on both sides unfortunately those given the task 3 years ago made a right pigs ear of everything they did. It is what it is and we have to make the most and the best out of it.


Isnt that what MPs whoever they are, are gangsters

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So, despite your protests you admit to being in the camp which wanted to be selective about what sovereignty was restored to parliament - i.e. just the bits you like.

Which would be to stop it, or leave but stay in the CU & SM.


I will NEVER EVER accept the result.

A group of people who I have zero in common with in general terms of gender / age / educational background and world view, are trying to take something away from me which I consider my right - to be European.

This is a retrogressive step.

It is no different to a male majority removing the vote from women or an alt right group trying to reinstate slavery.

Shades of Gilead.


Problem is that Bercow can get the subject debated but most will get through the Lords cos’ the Tory peers will filibuster to prevent anything getting the royal ascent.

“I will NEVER EVER accept the result.” @cat

Bravo, Cat ! :heart:

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No we dont - we have to ensure that this utter disaster for the UK is stopped…once and for all.

The trouble is that Rocam thinks that things are proceeding nicely.