Opinion: John Bercow is itching to stop Brexit – and he might just succeed

I don’t want to be a vassal of the racist, white supremacist state of America, with Trump at its helm. This looks like being its destiny with a sham Johnson ‘government’ in power.

Australia is another former imperial racist hegemony of the same ugly stamp. We Europeans are building a more enlightened, inclusive, collaborative, equitable, and sustainable global society.

We can’t afford to let the right gain ascendency.

We shall prevail against them, as we have beat them back and humiliated their mouthpieces, and their gaudy charlatan pretenders, before.


I could be more tolerant of the result if it were put to another referendum in that people now would have a far better understanding of the issues - and the media seems more likely to check facts and highlight lies.

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I accept the result in as much I believe that 17,410,742 people ticked the “Leave the EU” box and were not coerced into doing so on the day, and that was more than the number of people (16,141,241) who ticked the “Remain a member of the EU” box.

What I can’t and won’t accept is that the result - supposed to be advisory - was treated as binding on the government given the massive misrepresentation by the Leave campaign: easiest deal ever, no downside, we hold all the cards, 99 million Turks, EU migrants taking all the houses, school places and NHS beds etc.

I also get pretty pissed off about the fact that Leavers are such poor winners pouring scorn and vitriol on Remainers, usually with some variant of “you lost, suck it up”. You’d think that, given they won, they could afford to be magnanimous about it and given that the split was 52% to 48% they would be willing to work for compromise - but, no, they just pushed the rhetoric so that no deal became the only option.

This is, of course, because no concrete version of Brexit satisfies them - it’s never “pure” enough. But this disguises the fact that they can’t agree amongst themselves what form Brexit should take and they have no idea how to make a success of it for the nation (but they’ll happily pick over the bones for personal gain).

Farage himself said if it was 52:48 the other way it would be “unfinished business” - in this case what is good enough for Nigel is good enough for me.


Unless there is another general election I think he stays there.

You know what they do with cheese, they put it in a rat trap!

You are totally right Cat.
Both in UK and the USA we are being led by a pair of lying womanisers, who have no concern for anything, anyone and who follow their own inflated egos.


Look, let’s get something straight - once and for all.

Brexit is just plain STUPID.

Half the country are now being dragged along with the unbelievably ignorant majority (mostly northerners) so are trying very hard not to fall over the cliff. If only it were possible for the 17.5M to leave on their own.


Ideally we could put them all on the IoW and somehow cut it adrift to float to the middle of the Atlantic.

Better still, Paul. Float off Canvey from Essex, float off Isle of Sheppey from Kent, anchor them like two “Boris Islands” off the East Coast with a narrow strip of Channel between them. Suggest the Brexiteers go live there.

Bit of a squeeze, but they’d in-breed themselves to rapid extinction. Give Priiti Patel a title, a Governorship of the Dominion of New Brexia, a vintage Rolls and a Plumed Helmet for special occasions…

Appoint Sajid Jadiv as her personal punka-wallah on a zero-hours contract, too!

Sorted! :rofl:


So Devon, Cornwall and Dorset are in the north, no wonder I failed my geography O level.:grinning:


and then Boris can build his airport in the Thames Estuary - remember that?

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“Half the country are now being dragged along with the unbelievably ignorant majority (mostly northerners)”
I find your statement offensive and unnecessary and feel it should be retracted. I am totally anti Brexit and am a proud northerner. There is little doubt in my mind that you are not northern but choose to lay the blame for Brexit at “the northerners”. Walk a mile in my shoes before making blanket statements.


If we get it right we could use it to split his bridge to France into smaller spans so that it can actually be built.

Although we need to be careful that the Leavers don’t use it to exit their prisonshangri-la.

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Also the northern thing us actually not true at all - if they can be said to live anywhere, leave voters actually live in East Anglia - certainly not in the North (remember Scotland?) - but the truth is that the overwhelmingly important demographic was AGE - three-quarters of under-25s were remainers, and there was in fact only a majority for leave among over-50s.
The offensive post relates rather to a deliberately propagated myth: that the division in the UK is between ordinary (white) working folk on the leave side and a privileged (multicultural) urban elite on the remain - a myth that actually suits the ultra-privileged leaders of the leave side like Farage and Johnson much more than any kind of truth.


What about Wales, East Anglia and all along the south coast from Kent to Cornwall?
Stroud, my constituency voted Remain.


Most if not all the east coast ports voted leave. I’ve done this before on here but Gt Yarmouth for example voted to leave because of the dramatic influx of Eastern Europeans to the area.

If Mr Bercow is so ‘outraged’ that he is unable to continue the quiet impartiality that his role as Speaker requires, then I am sure that he more than anyone is very aware that he should resign his post forthwith.
I must admit that I am also left wondering about how anyone can expect to challenge Her Majesty’s Order in Council to prorogue Parliament. The order has been issued, and only the monarch can change it.
One should also not forget that there would normally be a Conference Recess of Parliament anyway, so the prorogation doesn’t actually remove very many debating days at all.
The ace of trumps has been played. Such is life. (Unless of course someone would actually like to start a second civil war.)

I think many of us are so fed up with a minority of the UK population ruining everything for generations to come, all in the name of Brexshit, that civil unrest is looking increasingly likely.


I think the legal arguments are over the ‘intent or reason’ for the prorogation - did the government act unlawfully in advising her maj to sign the order? An extraordinary game of poker being played out but this is still Boris’s to lose.

not so fast…
don’t forget that the ‘reason’ for the prorogation is the delivery of a Queen’s speech and over a week of Parliamentary time is devoted to the ‘Loyal Address’ after the State opening of Parliament so that’s another week out of the frame in which MPs can debate the issue outside of Government time.
Sneaky move by a snake oil salesman and his grubby assistant.