Orange fibre broadband installed but upload speed not fast

At last we’ve had our Orange LiveBox 5 and 500 megabit service installed and activated today. I can definitely get up t

o around 490 megabits on Ookla Soeedtest, but only on the upload channel. Download speed still hasn’t gone higher than 120 megabits. You’d normally expect the download speed to be faster… The engineer wasn’t concerned and indicated that the download speed would improve over time. I was wondering if anyone here had a similar issue, it were both channels as expected right out of the box?

It does take a while for the speeds to settle down it took my connection a couple of days to smooth out when I had mine installed. but restarting your livebox should help as well. If you get the livebox app on your phone you can reboot from your phone and also do some maintenance through the app interface as well as do a speed test.

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Yes, ours took a few days to settle down too.

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What speed do you get if you do the test directly on the Livebox, which you can do from within the Ma Livebox app?

Using Ookla (or any other site) on your phone or PC means you’re measuring the connection between your device and the router as well as between the router and the speedtest site. Testing on the router removes that bit.

Here’s what I get on the router versus testing on my phone:


I can’t for the life of me think why it would take “a few days” for speeds to settle on an optical connection, certainly my TalkTalk fibre in the UK was 500Mbps immediately (once it actually worked which wasn’t totally plain sailing).

Yes, VDSL does this - many copper lines exhibit varying noise levels through 24 hours so the system starts out with cautious settings as far as immunity to electrical noise is concerned. Gradually over a period of time the equipment will monitor the error rate on the line and, if it is low, will slowly exchange un-needed noise immunity for speed.

But optical lines don’t do that, they work at full speed, or they don’t work, and if the French are using PONs (passive optical networks) the network is effectively shared among multiple customers making a “gradual ramp up” for one customer when service is already established to several others make even less sense.


Maybe because there were workers up ladders tinkering with things all week as the village was connected house by house?

I have had a year with sosh(Orange) on a 300Mbps connection and the connection took a couple of days to settle and I had 300Mbps constantly since then, I am now on Bouygues1Gbps connection, that also took a couple of days to settle and now I have constant 1Gbps, so two different sets of engineers from 2 companies told me the thing about the connection settling, maybe its an exchange thing, but it definitely happens. I have FTTH so no copper on my line.

How ….… odd.

There’s no “line training” on fibre optic which (as I said) would be the cause for copper.

I wonder what’s going on, some sort of throttling perhaps but why?


It seemed strange to me as well,but I am not really that au fait with fibre technology so I wasnt in a position to argue with qualified technicians, From the router to the pc I use cat6 so I always get full benefit of my connection, with my wifi connections maxing out according to quality of wifi signal and of course the quality of the hardware in the phones/laptop.

Is it fibre to the house?

At 300mbps or over, it has to be Fibre To The Premises. I don’t think that FTTC (cabinet) is called ‘fibre’ in France, as it has been in the UK. As for the speed ramping up, I sort of agree with @billybutcher in that it’s absolutely not necessary. It’s possible though that this happens in order to find faults in fibre splicing, which are not uncommon.

Oh yes :grin:


I’m confident I’ll get the full speed eventually as the upload channel is already there. But like others, I’m curious why fibre neefs to ‘settle’ - copper wire systems, that’s understandable.

Could it be a load-balancing exercise?

Yes, well that may be your problem alright :joy:

Yes, pouring that molten glass down the little tubes while crouching in a roadside cabinet can’t be easy.

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It’s not the melting that’s the problem, it’s the blowing that’s very skillful :thinking:

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I power-cycled the LiveBox again this morning - that’s better😀

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have you fully tested the Cat6 cable or tried swapping it out with a Cat5e one :thinking:

Not tried cat5e as i am very happy with cat6, I have no problems at all with my connection and have consistent 1Gbps download speeds , my post was just to say wifi connections on speedtest can give skewed results depending on quality of your wifi.

Nice outcome, pleased to see you are getting decent speeds again. The engineer must have been correct in saying give the line time to settle after all.

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