Orchard Fruit Trees

It looks like we are going to have a very poor harvest this year, due to the heavy late frosts most of our pear, walnut, apple, plum, greengage and cherry trees have seen the fruit set decimated.
Only one cherry tree looks to partially have any fruit on it, the quince and figs look ok and maybe the black walnut tree, but the raspberry and white, red, and black currants are poor as well, it looks like for the first time we are going to have to buy fruit this year :frowning:

Sadly, yours is not an isolated case.

Virtually everything has been damaged around here. Fruit will be very expensive this year, I reckon.

Mine is looking OK, well what is left, we had a whole heap of trees die last year.

The only fruit we look like getting are apples, some redcurrants and blueberries (if I remember to net them before the blackbirds get them.)

Out apricot tree died completely :frowning: and our fig, for the first time ever, is only just putting on some small leaves and there is no fruit apparent. Plums, greengages, cherries and pears are all without fruit. Going to be a lean year (and expensive as @Stella quite rightly says)

We are lucky with our fig trees are they are quite big and have plenty figs on them already especially the one sheltered by the barn.


You’re lucky… I’ve been checking the local gardens which normally provide so much fruit to the school and neighbours.

Figs are months behind, only small leaves at present and no fruit. (at least they are alive)
Cherries… perhaps a handful on some trees, none on others.
Apples, pears etc… a lost cause.

The school kids planted a mixed orchard many years ago. Each child was given a tree to care for… and later everyone would profit.

Been providing free fruit for us all up until this year… total disaster.

Ours are all fine here in Brittany - especially heavy crop of cherries almost ready (though the birds will get most of them) - all kinds of berries looking good too.

We got 17lb off one tree alone last year, not one on it this year.


Only a few on one of ours and the birds got them first.
We usually have cherries from our neighbour who has really established trees of different varieties so they fruit at different times.
Zilch this year.

All our trees are well established 40 years + but nothing on the big cherry trees this year, one of the cherry trees has the biggest graft I think I have ever seen :laughing: