Over 50, getting up to wee in the night

Since I turned 50,i have started getting up at least once in the night to use the toilet, AND I DON’T LIKE IT, It was bang on 50 that it started, I’ve stopped drinking tea and coffee after 5pm and have even tried forgoing my evening Guinness, It hasn’t made a difference, any help or advice, medication, (plant based if possible, but I will entertain anything at this point) would be greatly appreciated, also is this just a bloke thing, or do women struggle with this as well?

Personally, the big difference for me was excercise. I got into excercise and suddenly the need to get up in the night went. Maybe a coincidence, but worked for me, although that wasn’t the driver to excercise! I’ve also heard that stopping drinking at least 2 hours before bed works.


Women do tend to get problems like this too @Pip1000 but they are usually helped by the wonderful pelvic floor exercises, which I imagine are useless for blokes! It might be worth getting a medical checkup though as I understand it can possibly be an indicator of prostate trouble? That iis way outside my field of knowledge but other chaps should be able to comment…

Prostrate, I got that checked out already, (and I’m with Billy Connolly with this one) if you haven’t seen his scetch, it’s very funny,
The excercise thing, I will look into, as I haven’t gone further on foot than my local bar tabac in a couple of years, that may help, :grin:

Like you, stopped drinking diuretics (tea, coffee, fruit juice, etc) after 6pm. Force myself to go to the loo before getting into bed and try and make sure I go to bed physically tired, that way I can sleep through til 5am or 6am.

It’s just really annoying, I’ve even tried tying a knot in it, but it’s a bit of a faff undoing the knot in the morning (that was aimed at any single ladies on the site) :grin: but seriously what with my slowly failing eyesight and bad back (I’m really selling myself here) I just don’t like getting old, it sucks coz I’m still 25 in my head. It’s the rest of me that’s falling to pieces (although I can still lick my eyebrows):joy::joy::joy:

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Men have a pelvic floor too, and fulfils similar function with the bladder. Worth doing for so many reasons!

As is any kind of exercise. It worries me when people don’t look after their physical health, as can make so much difference to one’s quality of life as we age. So many studies have shown that fitter people live much longer with good quality of life and my idea of misery is spending my last 20 years in a dependent state.

(Edit…10 minutes daily back strengthening can be the best way to sort a bad back! I have multiple problems and if I skip these exercise every morning I feel it very quickly)

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Now I have you pictured in my mind looking like a Vogon. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Perhaps it’s time to give the eyebrows a trim?

:joy::joy::joy: Ah you got me banged to rights, I can also get my eyebrows in my mouth,

Back excercise I do regularly, not by choise, but out of necessity, my osteopath sorted me out with a few, having wasted time and money on a kine, I went to my now favorite person in the world, (my ostio) I walked into his practice bent double, and 20 mins later walked out straight as a Roman road,
I had an accident at work a few years ago and gave myself a back hernia, REALY NOT FUN, so I do look after my back now, and with regular back excersise, (touch wood) I’m all good to go for the foreseeable future,
(LADIES) :wink:

A good bit of excercise, and I’m sure you’ll see any niggles disappear - I know I did. And on top of the excercise, I now do yoga and pilates. I was always very very skeptical, thinking it wasn’t a particularly masculine thing to do - how wrong I was! Do the right sort of yoga in particular, and you sweat, and you really feel the difference in flexibility - now a complete convert, but I do draw the line at wearing a leotard :joy:

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So far what I have gleened from the plethora of information good and bad is you need to calm the digestive system in the evening as you age. If you eat or drink later into the evening your body continues to process this and the liver and kidneys will continue to fill the bladder. As you age the two sphincter valves on the prostate can become enlarged as does the prostate so it needs as much help as you can give it.
At 60 I get up go once a night between 3-4am compared to friends at around 3-4 times.
Fasting is good as it shrinks these organs and then produces new cells to replenish the old knackered ones through autophagy.

I chain drink tea during the day and go to bed with a snack and half pint of milk. The number of toilet visits varies from once to once every hour. Doesn’t particularly bother me. I will worry when it’s not a full bladder that wakes me but a wet bed!

So, pilâtes, yoga, (no leotard) pelvic floor exercises and don’t eat or drink late at night, got it, thanks all, I’m going to try all these progressively, (OK I may wear a leotard for the pilâtes) and I suppose the eating drinking thing is common sence (of which I have none) but I’d never thought that pelvic floor excercizes were maybe the way forward, and thanks for the links​:+1::+1::+1:

Perhaps I’m ‘lucky’ as a 60YO, but I normally drink a half pint of water immediately before bed and very rarely get up - perhaps once or twice per year - and usually because I’m not sleeping so notice a slightly full bladder. I do stay moderately fit, so perhaps that’s a part of the answer.

Fitness needs some looking into, new year, new me, I may even dye my hair and join a gym :joy:

Or genetically you are aging slightly slower?

I swam 5k at 23 yo, then the mere thought of that in my 40’s almost drove me to a coronary, now mid 50’s and quite easily swim 6k, and probably feel the best I have for ages. The other key element is obviously diet - cutting out meat almost made the world of difference for me :+1: bon chance, as they say! :grinning:

I wish. :stuck_out_tongue:

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