Over 50, getting up to wee in the night

I’m trying to cut out meat, by only eating animals that eat grass, it’s sort of vegan,


Builder, vegan hahaha

If you are only eating vegetarians, it’s part way there perhaps :thinking: :smiley:


:joy: Eating vegetarians, never thought of that, I’m going to look into it, but there are probably rules governing this, :thinking:

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Cows are vegetarians and so are sheep…

This is true, so we are all partly vegetarian, the USA is the biggest consumer of red meat on the planet, with an average of 3lbs of undigested red meat in there bowels, so no eating Americans, too fatty, shame really, :joy:

How did we get from bladder problems to canabalism, still its made me laugh, so it’s all good :+1:

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US, great place to go to see what bad diet can do to you :smiley:


Tightening your pelvic floor muscles are a major aspect of pilates and QiGong……both of which I do weekly and am convinced are keeping me mobile, and with a obedient bladder.

Lots of other easy possibilities to help (if one os lucky) have a happy old age - like making sure you walk to your tabac at 4km/speed:


Please folks… do be careful not to limit liquid intake too severely.
It’s easy to become dehydrated and then other nasties can crop up.

We all thought MiLaw had gone doolally until I realized she wasn’t drinking anything after about 4pm… phew… that was a scary time, quickly put right in hospital, but very scary. Her Doc read her the riot act…


I think the daily recommended intake is 2 litres, but I can tell you, in the baking heat of Summer, it’s far more! Last Summer I had days where I consumed 4 litres +. And strangely, no more bathroom visits :grinning:

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Totally agree, in the summer I do get through a lot of water, and had never thought of it but, no I dont use the toilet any more than usual,
Apart from the occasional Guinness I don’t really drink alcohol, but I’m a bugger for coffee, 5to6 cups a day, which I’m trying to cut down to 2 in the morning, and 1 after my lunch,
But I am seriously going to look into pelvic excersise and excersise in general, I look really good for my age, and I’m not overweight, but I could be fitter :thinking:

Go for it, I certainly feel alot alot better! Massive reward in feeling alone, let alone the internal benefits!

As for the coffee, I actually gave that up as it suddenly started to give me heartburn, so now just drink green tea, which I never ever thought I would do. Bit like the yoga, thought the green tea was also going to turn me into someone chanting kumbaya :smiley: fortunately it didn’t :smiley: and, alot better for you :+1:

Sounds like your new year’s going to be full of change! :+1:

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feeling ‘alot better’

seems like autocorrect gone crazy!

Bear in mind there is alot (alot) of caffeine in green tea as well. I discovered this when I was dealing with heart palpitations. I’d assumed green tea was “good” and black tea and coffee “bad”.


Oh wow, I must admit I didn’t realize that, so thanks :+1:

White tea (disgusting stuff in my view) has the least caffeine of the “real” teas, then green, then black as I understand it. Other herbal “teas” don’t but then they aren’t tea :smiley:

I have had this problem since I was forty. My back was put out when I was moved from the operating theatre and into a bed and, although I complained bitterly, nothing was done until five days later.
Unfortunately, the nerve to my bladder was damaged and when I am lying flat I get the urge to go to the loo even though it is not always for a large amount of urine.
#I can get up three or four times a night, so once would be heaven.

It could be my back then, and sorry to hear about your 5 days of discomfort before being looked at, that’s really not good, I’m the same, when I lie down my bladder starts to balloon,
I’ve just booked in for a full body MOT next week at the doctor’s, so fingers crossed for that, as for the coffee, I’m struggling :roll_eyes:

My urologue in Germany recommended tablets containing phytosterols. A natural remedy for benign prostate enlargement, which is usually the reason for this, as the enlarged prostate squeezes the wee tube. Also a reason for reduced wee pressure.