Paint stripping service?

A real long shot here!

So, I have (foolishly) started stripping the paint off some old, large glazed wooden doors at my house in 47.

I was quite confident having done a lot of this sort of stuff in the past and armed with various heat guns, paint stripper, tool, wire wool, various sanders etc. I eve worked at a pine-stripping place as a 14 year old as my first Saturday job.

However, it is proving to be a complete nightmare! I have spent 4 days so far, what I have done looks a mess and I’m not even a quarter of the way through.

What I think is really needed is for the doors to be ‘dipped’ first.

This is the log shot. Does anyone know of such a service - in this area?

I’m just thinking (hoping) that maybe when people get their shutters restored/repainted they get them dipped?

Thanks in advance if anyone knows.

I can’t help with a recommendation, I’m afraid, but I’ve just been through the same process with a single, solid oak door.

There were 23 layers of paint and it took about 27 hours, using a heat gun, scraper and wire wool.

I’ve never found a dip-stripping service in France. The one time I used one in the UK, all the doors’ joints were weakened by the process and I ended up having to break apart and re-glue all the parts.

I decided then and there that I’d persevere with the heat gun in future.

Look up décapage in Pages Jaunes for your area. Link

Or aero-gommage. We’ve had chairs done that way rather than chemical dip as worried joints would fall apart.

Thank you very much for that!
There do seem to be a couple places. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t4:

a starting point for your research maybe

I can second the joint/glue knackering tendency of dipping.

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I grew impatient!

I took an electric plane to one of them. Still have to do the intricate bits by slower methods but much faster for sides and flatter parts! I just planed the paint right off! :smiley:


They look very good!

Dipping chems were pretty much outlawed by the EU for damaging the environment because they do.
Peelaway is a good safe pate but it needs time and everyone is to bloody impatient.
Burning off is dangerous if the previous paint was lead based

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Have you tried a belt sander? I did all of our shutters with one, it worked so much better than any other sander to remove the paint - then finished with a random orbital sander for a fine finish. (may be less harsh than a plane).

A good solution, but PLEASE make sure you are wearing a good quality face mask fit for the purpose.

If lead paint is involved, burning off is dangerous. However, a hot air gun used correctly will not burn and vaporise the lead in the paint. However, make sure you wear a mask that protects against toxic dust, just to be sure!

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Thanks for the tips guys.

Yes, a belt-sander and a random-orbutal would have been ideal and I have both of these…sadly they’re in the UK!

I’m doing this as part of redecorating that room to sell the house otherwise I’d leave rest until I next could bring them from the UK.

I bought a cheap belt sander for the same job you are doing, it was to save my Makita and was lighter so my OH could use it, 3 years later and many, many doors it is still going strong and at the price it was virtually throw away money.
It would definitely save you some grief.

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Wow! I might buy that! :open_mouth:


In fact, I’ve bought it straight away. At that price, as you say, it could save me a lot of grief! And should be delivered on Tuesday.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

The good thing about Amazon, if you don’t like it, box it up and send it back :yum:

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Did you order a mask?

You’d be taking a chance with that.