Paint types in France versus UK


Does anyone have a link to a source of information about french paints that might help me compare them to what the equivalent UK paint might be?

I have searched the forum and just cant find anything.

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No, but I’d advise buying paint in the UK if that’s convenient, it’s eye-wateringly expensive here and I don’t know why there’s such a disparity.


Alternatively, buy the ‘Baufix’ brand from Lidl when it is available and keep it in store for when it is needed. Good price and excellent quality.


It is available at all times via their website, with, if I am correct, free delivery. Excellent price and good coverage, as previously stated.


We have just painted my new house which was the bare plasterboard. I found a promo in Leroy Merlin for 10litres of sous couche for €7 a tin and so as a first coat, loaded the trolley with 6 tins. Well it went on very very well and only needed two coats to completely seal the plasterboard and joints and then we used their own brand matt top coat at €23 for 10L. Two coats again and its come up beautiful with the washable equivalent in both bathrooms. The most expensive paints are not always the best in my opinion and with what I saved, I bought two colours for seperate walls and a wood paint to do all the doors blue. Have to agree about the Lidl paint, we used it on the old house getting ready to sell and it was a money saver.


Just read about the difference between ‘normal’ and ‘trade’ paints sold by Dulux in the UK, to understand why there is a price difference.
2.5L Dulux Satinwood about £23
2.5L Dulux Trade Satinwood about £43

It’s clear that the Trade paint is a better paint for coverage and opacity, if you are able to use it.

Just wondering if the higher prices of french paints are because they are more like trade paints?

No they are worse than UK non trade stuff :rofl:


I have had French pricing explained to me by a friend who has been here a long time, that things seen as luxury items (like paint) get a high price, while essentials are priced more keenly. I can’t say for sure, but could believe it.

This seems like codswallop to me. Surely fruit and veg are essential and 6 or 7.99 a kilo for peppers that would be best suited to a compost heap is hardly keen pricing.

I have suffered the same issue with fruit and vegetables in France. He was referring to decorating and building.materials, which fits the thread context.

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French paint is not the villan that brits think, its 9\10 that 1.they don’t know where to go and 2 .they don’t do the prep work needed .
Painting and decorating is a trade after all.


Yes, sorry, I knew I was a bit off topic but can’t really think of anything keenly priced over here. Maybe double raspberry magnums - but that’s still off topic. Did get some good matt emulsion from brico depot for 19.90 for 10 litres - white only of course.

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@Flocreen - Sorry, I cant work out what you mean?

They dont know where to go. Please say more ?
Painting and decorating a trade? Yes of course, as are so many activities around a home, but what is your meaning behind the comment?


We looked at the makeup of those particular brand lollies and they scored extremely high in salt,sugar and other nasties compared to cheaper own brand versions. Maybe the same with paint.

Where do you go to buy paint ? the brico sheds yes? well there are loads of outlets on industrial estates that the diyer doesn’t use, not because they can’t but because they don’t know they exist or they live in the back of beyond and haven’t bothered looking outside their area.Other Brits don’t nesecceraly(sp) know either.
A painter and decorator , who works every day with a material can produce results with a paint that a diyer never could.

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I spent €100 buying one of those W**ner paint sprayers for domestic use thinking the big expanse of the living area would be done a lot faster. Well we tried it, it just spluttered and splashed and did not work even though we had done test pieces first so in the end, good old paint roller and tray won the day - anyone want to buy a sprayer I will probably never use??

Valentine was supposed to be a good French paint, if I recall correctly… still see their adverts on walls/houses…

I believe it’s Valentine Dulux nowadays…
EDIT sorry, it’s the other way around…

Mon préféré
Good opacity and nice to apply. Doesn’t help buyers in France I’m afraid.

nothing wrong with Dulux Valentine… middle of the road

fascinating comparison chart… basic quality, medium quality, high quality

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@Dr-Le-Dolly Forgive me if I’m being a bit thick, but I have looked at the website and cannot see anyway of buying anything online. All I can see is the various promotional catalogues concerning that which is available in store. Perhaps I am looking at the wrong website, so could you perhaps post a link that enables buying online at any time.
Thanks in advance.

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